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What’s In It For You?

Welcome to Deliver Away Debt. Here’s what you’ll get if you stick around:

  • Learn to pay off your debt on your own.
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  • Strategies to speed up the debt reduction process.
  • Success stories of others getting out of debt.

It’s pretty simple really. We want to help you get out of debt, and to do so as quick as possible. No tricks or gimmicks. Just hard work and better finances.

Sometimes the best motivation is to watch the progress of others on the same get out of debt journey. Here at Deliver Away Debt you’ll be able to do that. Read the fascinating story of pizza delivery guy Jeffrey Kosola, the creator of this blog and the reason this place is called “Deliver” Away Debt.

SPOILER ALERT: Jeffrey has successfully paid off all of his outstanding debt!

Delivery Away Debt is a blog to help motivate people going through similar circumstances of paying off their debt.

Our Writers

Ryan Yates – Ryan is the primary writer/researcher for DeliverAwayDebt. He is also a huge fan of paying off debt. He enjoys discovering new strategies to save money and he is always interested in learning about unique ways to reach his financial goals. Ryan likes to share his experience and wisdom so that others may avoid common debt pitfalls.

Ryan and his family are living outside of the United States and serving as missionaries to the island of Eleuthera. Because they must raise all of their financial support, Ryan has become a expert on making every penny count.

Jeffrey Kosola – Jeff created this blog in 2009 to share his story of debt reduction by way of his second job, delivering pizzas. See Jeff’s story below… Even though he no longer writes for the site, his story and debt reduction updates are prominently featured throughout the site.

Philip Taylor – Philip is currently debt free except for the mortgage. He wasn’t always that way though. He’s battled credit card debt, student loans, and car loans in the past. He highlighted those battles on his blog at PT Money: Personal Finance. He also runs Outlaw Finance: Investing Blog.

Emily Guy Birken – Emily is a former English teacher and stay-at-home-mom, who freelances as a writer. She enjoys learning about debt reduction and sharing her perspective. Emily’s thoughts on parenting and life in general can be found at The SAHMnambulist.

Miranda Marquit – Miranda is a freelance writer and professional blogger who has been journalistically trained. Miranda’s work can be found online and off at several respected places. Read her blog about money at the AllBusiness Personal Finance Corner.

Jon Elder – Jon (the Saver) is living the debt free life as a young person, partly because he paid his way through college. Jon is the founder of Free Money Wisdom, a personal finance blog dedicated to helping you achieve financial success.

About This Site

Deliver Away Debt is a purely informational site run by PT Money, LLC. The main goal here is to educate consumers on debt reduction topics and connect interested parties with reputable debt reduction solutions. We earn compensation from some of the affiliate partners listed on this site.

An Introduction from Ryan Yates

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope that you are encouraged in your journey to pay down your debt and live your life to the fullest. Please read, engage, and comment on anything you find interesting or noteworthy.

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