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Here’s a pretty long list of great bloggers. I’ve included the web site, twitter account, and twitter avatar so you can follow to your hearts content. Happy reading!!

A is for Asset
Blog Title Author Twitter Username Twitter Avatar
A Gai Shan Life Revanche @revancheGS Revanche

B is for Budgeting
Blog Title Author Twitter Username Twitter Avatar
Bargaineering Jim Wang @Bargainr bargainr
Bible Money Matters Peter Anderson @MoneyMatters Money Matters
Budget Pulse Craig @BudgetPulse BudgetPulse
Budgets are Sexy J. Money @BudgetsareSexy BudgetsAreSexy
Budgets are the New Black Jolyn Myers @blackbudgets New Black

C is for Cash
Blog Title Author Twitter Username Twitter Avatar
Canadian Finance Blog Tom Drake @CanadianFinance CanadianFinance
Cash Money Life Patrick Cash @CashMoneyLife CashMoneyLife
The Centsible Life Kelly Whalen @Centsiblelife Centsiblelife
The Life of an Insurance Salesman CJ Bowker @cjbowker CJ Bowker
Clever Dude Clever Dude @Cleverdude CleverDude
The Consumerism Commentary Flexo @flexo Flexo

D is for Deductible
Blog Title Author Twitter Username Twitter Avatar
Debt Free Adventure Matt Jabs @MattJabs MattJabs
Debt Kid Debt Kid @debtkid DebtKid
DebtHater DebtHater @debthater DebtHater
DinksFinance Dinks @DINKs_Finance DINKS_Finance
Ducks and Dollars Samantha “Sam” Duckworth @skduck2003 Ducks and Dollars

E is for Emergency Fund
Enemy of Debt Brad Chaffee @EnemyofDebt EnemyofDebt
Evolution of Wealth Evolution of Wealth @EvolutionWealth EvolutionWealth

F is for Frugal
Finance for a Freelance Life Mrs. Micah @MrsMicah MrsMicah
Financial Highway Financial Highway @moneyhighway Money Highway
Financial Samurai Financial Samurai @FinancialSamura Financial Samurai
FiscalGeek Paul Van Lierop @fiscalgeek FiscalGeek
Fiscal Fizzle Wojciech Kulicki @FiscalFizzle FiscalFizzle
Five Cent Nickel Five Cent Nickel @fcn FCN
FreeFromBroke Free From Broke @freefrombroke FreeFromBroke
Frugal Dad Frugal Dad @FrugalDad FrugalDad

G is for Gold
GetMoneyEnergy Clare @moneyenergy MoneyEnergy
Get Rich Slowly J.D. Roth @jdroth JDRoth
Girl With the Red Balloon Girl with a Red Balloon @GrlRedBalloon Girl with Red Balloon
Good Financial Cents Jeff Rose @jeffrosecfp jeffrose
Green Panda Treehouse Green Panda @Green_Panda Green Panda

H is for Housing
High Class Low Income HiClassLowIncome @hiclassloincome Hiclasslowincome

I in for Investing

J is for Jobs
Joe Taxpayer Joe @JoeTaxPayerBlog JoeTaxPayer

K is for Knowledge

L is for Learning
Len Penzo Len Penzo @LenPenzo lenpenzo

M is for Millionaire
Man vs Debt Adam Baker @ManvsDebt ManvsDebt
Money Crashers Money Crashers @moneycrashers MoneyCrashers
Money Funk Christine @MoneyFunk MoneyFunk
MoneyMate Kate Kate @MoneyMateKate MoneyMateKate
Money Under 30 David Weliver @MoneyUnder30 MoneyUnder30
My Life ROI My Life ROI @MyLifeROI MyLifeROI
My Journey To Millions MJTM @MJTM mjtm
My Next Buck Brian Scheur @brianscheur brianscheur
My Money Minute Jason @MyMoneyMinute mymoneyminute
My Two Dollars David @mytwodollars MyTwoDollars

N is for Net Worth
No Credit Needed NCN @ncn nodebtplan
No Debt Plan Kevin @nodebtplan nodebtplan

O is for Obligation
Oblivious Investor Mike @obliviousinvest ObliviousInvestor
Own The Dollar Ownthedollar @ownthedollar OwnTheDollar

P is for Payday
PT Money Phil @ptmoney ptmoney
Personal Finance Firewall Jesse Michelson @pffirewall pffirewall
Punch Debt in the Face Debt Ninja @PunchDebt PunchDebt

Q is for Qualified

R is for Return on Investment
Rainy-Day Saver Nicole Canfora Lupo @RainyDaySaver RainyDaySaver
Redeeming Riche$ Redeeming Riches @RedeemingRiches RedeemingRiches

S is for Savings
Single Guy Money Single Guy @singleguymoney singleguymoney
Steadfast Finances Matt @Matt_SF Matt_SF
Studenomics Studenomic @studenomics studenomics
Suburban Dollar Kyle @SuburbanDollar suburbandollar

T is for Tax Return
Thirty Something Finance TSF @30sFinance 30sFinance

U is for Uncle Sam
Ultimate Money Blog Mrs. Money @ultmoneyblog Ultmoneyblog

V is for Value

W is for Winning
Wealth Pilgrim Neal Frankle @NealFrankle NealFrankle

X is for Xtra J.O.B.

Y is for Yearly Progess
Young and Thrifty Young and Thrifty @youngandthrifty CJ Bowker

Z is for Zurich (numbered accout)

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J. Money February 3, 2010 at 5:29 pm

cool, i like this!


MD @ Studenomics March 1, 2010 at 10:05 am

A really cool list! I love it.


Jeffrey Kosola March 1, 2010 at 10:55 am

Are you going to join Studenomics? You’re sitting at 124,395 right now 🙂


Craig/FFB March 21, 2010 at 7:40 am

How have I missed this list? This is real cool.


Jeffrey Kosola March 21, 2010 at 8:20 am

Thanks Craig. I need to update it. I’m going to make a Yakezie version too. It just takes so long to do I haven’t made the time.


Revanche March 26, 2010 at 2:10 pm

This is so cool! Thanks for including me on the list!


Jeffrey Kosola March 26, 2010 at 2:51 pm

I’m glad you like it, you’ve been on it for months 🙂


Revanche March 26, 2010 at 5:23 pm

You’ve got me feelin’ totally sheepish. I need to be better about browsing around and not just GReader ing. 🙂


laura@no more spending March 27, 2010 at 1:07 pm

This is a great blogroll 🙂


Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter June 21, 2011 at 3:08 pm

Whether or not I am on the list is irrelevant- this is awesome. So creative. Very cool idea.


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