5 Easy Ways to Waste Money at the Market

by Ryan Yates

Food.  It’s one expense that you can never get rid of.  After all, everyone has to eat!  And everyone is always trying to figure out ways to save on groceries.  By simply Googling “save on groceries,” Google will provide you with over 2.4 million results on how to save money on groceries.  However, all of these tips require more effort than most people want to put in.  Wasting time looking through ads, making lists, and searching for coupons is such a hassle!

So what about ways to waste money at the market without much effort?  Is it possible to throw away your money when shopping for food without any hassle?

For those of you who want to waste money on groceries while putting in little to no effort to do so, here are 5 easy ways to waste your money at the market.

Don’t Buy on Sale

Supermarkets are great these days.  You can clearly see what’s on sale and what isn’t on sale when you walk up and down the aisles.  So what better way to waste money than to steer clear of those on sale signs?  If you are buying potato chips and one brand is clearly on sale while another is not, buy the brand that isn’t on sale!  Spend the extra money for a product that is virtually the same as one on sale and you will waste your money with little to no effort on your part.

Don’t Get or Use a Rewards Card

It seems like every market these days has some sort of rewards card that can help you save money if you swipe it when you are checking out.  But if the name of the game is being wasteful with your money, why get a rewards card let alone use it?  So don’t take the time to fill out the form for a rewards card and if you already have a card, don’t use it.  Instead, save yourself the extra effort of swiping your card.  No point in saving money if it takes a little extra effort, right?

Don’t Clip Coupons

Clipping coupons is so time consuming.  You have to go through the weekly ads and pick out what you like and need among the hundreds of other items listed.  Why would you want to do that?  Especially if you want to waste money.  Avoid the coupons, save yourself some time, and don’t clip.

Buy Food You Don’t Need

Chances are you know what you eat and what you should buy when you go to the store.  But if you want to waste money, take a leisurely stroll up and down the aisles and buy things you don’t need, things you don’t like, or things you probably won’t get around to eating.  Do you know you already have a gallon of milk in the fridge?  Awesome, buy another gallon!  Do you hate apples?  Great, buy some!  Do you know you will never eat that huge cake in the bakery but you think it looks delicious?  Fantastic, buy it anyway!  Throw your money away on things you don’t need.

Don’t Mind the Expiration Dates

Instead of checking the expiration dates on items to make sure they don’t go bad before you can eat them, don’t even check the expiration date.  Pick up the most easily accessible product and put it on your cart.  Who cares if it expires in 3 days?  Or, if you want to take this a step farther, look for the product that has the expiration date closest to the current date.  That way you know for sure what you buy will go bad soon and you will be forced to spend money on whatever it is you need sooner rather than later.

By utilizing these 5 tips, you will quickly and painlessly waste your hard earned money on groceries.  Shop away!

For those of you who want to save on groceries, do the exact opposite of the advice listed above and you will save money, guaranteed.

Have any tips on how waste money at the market with little to no effort?  Share them with us in the comments section!

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Cathie November 10, 2010 at

How about this: Don’t think ahead. For instance, last night I made a quick stop because we were out of cream. I thought of a few other things that we needed, so I perused a couple of aisles to see what was on sale. I bought a lb of butter, because it was on sale, and butter has skyrocketed recently. I had recently purchased butter at Sam’s, which is out of my way, so I only go about once a month or so, but took advantage of the savings, because we will use it or freeze it. Also, cream cheese was on sale, so I bought some, knowing I would need it for Thanksgiving (and the expiration date is ok.)
Another one-don’t compare unit costs. Also last night, one of the items I purchased is salsa, and I got a large store brand bottle for less per oz than the smaller name brand. Actually, I believe the actual cost of the large bottle was less than the actual price of the small bottle.
I could go on and on………..

Jeffrey Kosola November 10, 2010 at

Hi Cathie, I totally agree with not thinking ahead. I’ve wasted a boat load of money in the past because I didn’t take the time to plan my spending. Hmmm, maybe that had something do with the root cause of this blog 🙂

Melissa November 11, 2010 at

Great article! Don’t forget to go shopping when you are very hungry. That will lead to great decisions!

Jeffrey Kosola November 12, 2010 at

@Melissa I always go shopping on an empty stomach. That way I can eat my way through all the savings I get by using coupons 🙂

Brad Shim November 11, 2010 at

Whatever you do, don’t have a plan. My wife and I went grocery shopping for years without a plan. We just went in and bought stuff. We never had enough meals, and bought lots of things we didn’t need. As a result, we still have 2 jars of cornstarch, several things of baking powder, and baking soda, and other “non-perishables” in multiples.

Low and behold we started making a list and purchasing only what we needed, had enough meals and spent less money. Don’t do this if you are trying to waste money!!!

Jeffrey Kosola November 12, 2010 at

Hey Brad, plans are for wimps! Every household must have 3 cans of baking powder, you’d better get back to the store and stock up.

grace November 14, 2010 at

How about never buy store brand we know they can not possibly be as good as a name brand product.

Little House November 16, 2010 at

I love my rewards club benefits. Every 3 months I get a redemption check mailed to me to use towards groceries. It’s a great way to save money on food.

Caelyn August 8, 2014 at

Clear, infeimatrvo, simple. Could I send you some e-hugs?

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