5 Ways to Make Your Car More Fuel Efficient

by Jeffrey Kosola on May 23, 2011

Gas has reached an all time high in many areas, and will only continue to rise as the dog days of summer approach. While you may not be able to control the gas prices, you are able to make your car more fuel and money efficient by adhering to a few easy tips.

Check Your Air Filter

My what? My car has an air filter? If you can’t even remember the last time you had your car’s air filter changed, then there is a good chance your car isn’t getting the best gas mileage. If your car’s air filter is old and blocked with dust and debris, then your engine isn’t being properly ventilated and therefore isn’t running as efficiently. To make sure that your car is able to run efficiently and obtain the best gas mileage, have your air filter regularly replaced.

Keep Fluids in Check

If your car is long overdue for an oil change or needs to have the transmission flushed, you can guarantee that it isn’t getting the best gas mileage possible. Without clean fluids, your car’s engine isn’t going to be able to run as efficiently, and when the engine can run efficiently, it will turn your car into a gas guzzler. To maintain the best fuel efficiency possible, get your fluids changed when necessary. This is usually every 3,000 for an oil change and every 75,000 for a transmission fluid flush.

Make Sure Your Tires Are Aired Up

Most people don’t think to check their tires until one looks like it may be going flat. However, not checking your tires on a regular basis could be costing you without you even knowing it. Tires that aren’t correctly aired up waste gas so to make sure your car is getting the best miles per gallon regularly check your tires.

Don’t Ride Your Breaks

Most people hit their breaks when they don’t need to or ride them into a stop. This habit can quickly become costly as it can decrease your fuel efficiency by 30 percent. So to make sure you don’t waste gas, don’t ride your breaks.

Avoid the Drive Thru

While this tip may not be directly related to how your car may function, one of the most expensive habits of any car own is the drive thru. “As silly as it sounds, thousands of car owners commit this costly sin every day, and this habit can quickly add up to an additional $30 a week or $120 or more a month,” says Charles Bulger from Currencies.com. Depending on the size of your vehicle that’s an extra 2 to 4 tanks of gas a month. So do your belt and your wallet a favor, skip the morning drive thru coffee or commute snack.

With these tips, you can save a few more dollars each time you turn the key!