A New Twist in Online Spending

by Ryan Yates

Although I’ve fully embraced online shopping for a while now, I always feel like I’m one bargain away from emptying my paypal account.

The reason so many personal finance bloggers recommend cash vs. credit or debit cards is that people don’t like separating from their cash, but find it easier to spend more when all it takes is a swipe of a plastic card.

Whether we agree with the logic or not, most of us know about this idea. With the ease of use of paypal and bitcoin, spending money is becoming easier and easier.

Think about it, when you’re shopping online, you don’t even have to get out your credit card anymore. When everything’s saved online, everything you want is literally one click away. And that’s how every online business wants it.

And with the latest news from Google, it might just get a little easier to give up your money while you’re online.

Apparently, if you buy into the hype, Google is about to flip the world on it’s head once again – and I’m not talking about Google Glass.

Email What??

Apparently, we’re about to have the ability to email money! That’s right . . . we’re miles away from Monopoly money at this point.

Although experts are unsure as to why the ‘Email Money’ news was left out of this year’s Google I/O keynote on Wed. May 15, the one thing that they can agree on is that this could (again) change the world.

Just think about it, paying rent, mortgages, paying back friends – all with an email. Attaching money from your Google Wallet account the same way you used to attach pictures.

Nothing to Worry About

Many personal finance experts will tell you that people who are prone to making bad financial decisions will make them whether it’s with cash or credit, or email.

However, I believe that most everyone has their breaking point. There’s a chance that, with the introduction of an even easier way to spend your money, it might push some into a spending spree that they didn’t imagine.


Here’s the bottom line – you are responsible for your spending habits and how you control your bank account.

Sure, you should know your weaknesses and know how to avoid the temptation to go on a spending spree. But you should also maintain the discipline and the fortitude to give yourself limits on spending.

We can’t blame the ease-of-spending as the problem, even if it’s as easy as sending an email.


Steven J Fromm May 18, 2013 at

Thanks for the info on this new Google development. Another way to make people more financially sloppy and careless, I guess. Your bottom line is really where we all must stay focused. It is in our hands and with it so hard to get ahead we all need to be financially disciplined and savvy.

KC @ genxfinance May 28, 2013 at

Google has proven itself a pioneer when it comes to the technological field. But with regard to moeny attachment, yeah, anyone can easily get lost and lost track of their finances with this. But come to think of it, you can easily get lost with anything unless you have the discipline and enough knowledge.

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