Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday- Watch those Scanners

by Ryan Yates

Do you know what you’re really being charged at the store??


The hype around Black Friday is CRAZY… Only 3 more days until “Black Friday” begins.  The internet ads have been out for
weeks.  People are writing their lists and comparing the prices of all the wonderful “door buster” deals.  But remember one thing.  If
the store has made a mistake and not updated their scanner programs correctly, you could lose some of those savings.

According to Money.CNN there was $1 billion in overcharges during 1993.

InformationWeek, an IT business magazine states in an article on – $2.5 Billion are lost every year by the American consumer because of mis-scanned items at the checkout.

In February of 2001, Kmart paid $50,000 to settle a law suit for scanner overcharges

October of 2008, the Boston Glode reported Target agreed, without admitting wrongdoing, to pay $1.7 million in costs, civil penalities and restitution -(Stephan Passalacqua)

Last week I was overcharged at two stores in two days.  The first was at the local grocery store.  I purchased 2 bags of Hersey’s Kisses, and I was overcharge by $1.  I then made a purchase at Wal-Mart and was overcharged 30 cents.  Since I’m on a budget and working my debt reduction plan, I always look very closely at the receipts.  I noticed both overcharges and went right to the service desk for my money.  The great thing about living in Michigan is we have a law that help the consumer.  Here’s a quick summary of the law from Consumer Action

In Michigan, you can. If a store’s price scanner overcharges someone in Michigan, the shopper can charge the storeten times the overage, or up to $5. But here’s where it gets really interesting: the shopper is also empowered to enforce the law at the point of sale.

After the visit to the customer service desks, I walked away with $10 extra dollars.  Even though the Wal-Mart over charge was only 30 cents, their policy gives you $5 for their mistake.

Here’s some great advice from

Keep an eagle eye on the scanner and make sure you’re getting charged the right
prices.  When items go on sale at the supermarket (or any store), the price change isn’t always immediately updated on the store’s computer listings, leading to overcharges at the cashier.

I hope everyone has a great time shopping on Black Friday, just don’t forget to look at the receipts to make sure everything is correct.


Jesse November 24, 2009 at

Awesome advice, I have been over charged before and just went back for my money.I had no idea there were laws that allow you to actually charge the store for overcharging you. I will have to do some research for my city/state and see whats up, I get overcharged at least twice a month 😉
.-= Jesse´s last blog ..How to Avoid Online Security Breaches =-.

Jeffrey Kosola November 24, 2009 at

Yeah, I was pretty shocked to find out how much we are getting ripped off. I’m glad that Michigan did take a stand. 10 times the amount overcharged up to $5 can really add up.

Now we just have to watch those little buggers come Friday 🙂

Jesse November 24, 2009 at

That, or let em make all the mistakes they want, come in after the holidays and get a nice big check 🙂
.-= Jesse´s last blog ..How to Avoid Online Security Breaches =-.

Jesse November 24, 2009 at

Ok, not such a big check, but still, if you hit a few stores, that can add up
.-= Jesse´s last blog ..How to Avoid Online Security Breaches =-.

Jason November 25, 2009 at

Geez…what a crazy time, huh? It’s almost ironic that those saving a $1 may be overcharged a few too…

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