Fixing Financial Problems

by Ryan Yates

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Learn the skills to fix your financial problems

Life is a lot like the game of golf.

There are ups, downs, rough patches, bunkers, great days, horrible outing, holes-in-one, and double bogeys.

According to Harry Vardon, one of the greatest golfers ever to play the game, “there’s only two kinds of players — those who hold on to their nerves and go on to win championships, and those who don’t.”

Similarly, when it comes to handling your finances, there are two kids of people – those who face and conquer financial problems when they arise and those who ignore and succumb to the pressure of hard times.

While the former does make you deal with financial hardship, the latter only delays the inevitability of a worsening financial situation.

Eating Pressure for Breakfast

Some people truly believe that ignorance is bliss . . . but it could not be further from the truth, financially speaking.

A large chunk of the population believes that ignoring financial problems removes the worry, fear, frustration, and anger from their lives. After all, who wouldn’t want to go through life without ever having to face problems?

The issue with this logic is that ignoring financial problems and lying to yourself about the true state of your bank account only makes things worse. During the time that you’re ignoring your financial problems, the issues are growing into larger, harrier animals waiting to devour you.

Instead of closing your eyes and wishing for the monster to go away, confront your finances – problems and all – and realize that peace comes when you fix the issues.

Carve Out the Time

Another excuse many of us use when faced with the burden of a negative financial situation is that we simply don’t have the time to deal with it right now.

Although that may be the case (rarely, if ever) you need to make time. Again, financial issues don’t go away with time, they usually get worse.

The fact of the matter is that, yes, you do have the time to deal with your finances, and yes, you’re just avoiding it right now. Stop avoiding, and start making time to face your financial giants.

Perfection Might be a Stumbling Block

If you’re like me, you might lose interest in something if you can’t be great at it or if you fall short of perfection. For example, I’m the worst basketball player in the history of the sport – even dating back to when the Aztecs invented it.

So, naturally, I don’t play.

But I can’t take that approach with my finances – and neither should you.

Whether or not you think that you’re good at dealing with your finances, you should never avoid or ignore taking control. Don’t become frustrated if your bank account isn’t ideal. Don’t lose interest if your retirement or college savings is lacking.

It’s more important to begin to take control of your financial life rather than waiting for everything to be perfect before you get involved. If perfection is what you’re waiting for, you’ll be waiting forever.

Educate Yourself

One of the last excuses we try to use when avoiding fixing our financial problems is the tried and un-true “I’m just not smart enough.” Even if you have no knowledge of a financial topic, you can always learn.

Do you get tired and sleepy when you have to learn something new as an adult? Does reading up on Roth IRAs or 401k Rollovers remind you of being nauseous in high school geometry?

Unlike high school, you can’t copy off of your neighbor.

Fixing your finances doesn’t take a degree from Yale, all it takes is some effort on your part to learn about whatever it is that needs to be addressed.

Whatever your financial status, you always have the power and ability to improve your landscape.

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krantcents August 8, 2012 at

Two of the most common issues are personal finance and eating. Too many people have too much debt and overeating problems. If we would just take the time to learn the necessary stuff to handle these issues, just think where you could be?

Lisa @ Cents To Save August 26, 2012 at

In my experience, I become overwhelmed with debt issues and then I overeat to compensate and make myself feel better for the short term.

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