Mint Review: The Ultimate Budgeting Software

by Ryan Yates - Take Control of Your Money
Are you always looking for the cheaper alternative?

Are you always trying to work “smarter?”

You might find yourself using home made budgeting spreadsheets and getting lost in Excel.

That used to be me!

Then came along, the ultimate FREE budgeting software. Well, not software exactly, but more of an internet based program.

Mint is a full featured money management website owned and run by the famous TurboTax.  Mint is always on the lookout to provide the best and most revolutionary services all at zero cost to you.  At the core of Mint is a passion for helping the masses manage their money.  I personally use Mint, so let’s take a look at why I like it so much 🙂’s Cool Features

Goal Setting: You can set up unique goals for whatever you want to save up for: cars, houses, or maybe that new big screen. Whatever it is, Mint can set up a savings goal and help you track it! Another feature is a “get out of debt” option.  With this option, you can create goals to get out of a certain amount of debt by a certain time in the future.

Net worth calculator: If you’re like me, knowing your net worth is a must.  Well, thankfully makes it super easy to find this out.  Once you sync up all your financial accounts, Mint will automatically deduct debts vs. savings and tell you how much you are worth.  This is a cool net worth estimation tool that is handy for knowing your net worth at all times.

Budgeting tools: Mint has budgeting tools galore.  You can set up as many different budget categories as you want.  You can then set it up to receive alerts via email if you are close or over your budgeted amount.  After some time has passed, Mint can create pie charts to help you see your money “visually” and give you a better understanding of where your hard earned money is going!

Disadvantages of

  1. Good luck on the phone: If you’re looking for great customer service, look elsewhere. I’m not sure I’ve ever spoken to a real human being when I have called Mint with questions.
  2. Annoying ads: I’m not a big fan of ads and Mint has no shortage of them. Ads do get annoying on the site. However, the more you use Mint, the more you become blond to them.  To each their own on this issue.
  3. Too many alerts: Some people will become annoyed with the constant alerts sent to your inbox. This can be a real drag when you are already receiving tons of emails from other people.

Advantages of

  1. Completely free: Not a single thing on will cost you money.  Not a single company out there compares to the free tool set that offers.
  2. Check on your phone: With a Mint mobile app, you can check your budgets on the go and stay up to date in real time.
  3. Awesome platform: The mint platform is easy to understand and appealing to the eyes.  The instant pie chart creation tools and beautifully designed buttons and notifications make budgeting fun again.
  4. Easy to learn: Mint was designed for the average American on the go.  It’s extremely easy to pick up and learn.  Also, you can customize it to what you want, another great feature.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this review has given you some insight into the power of It still amazes me to this day that they can offer such intelligent software completely free. Combine that with the amazing features, is a fantastic budgeting tool for anyone. I highly recommend you!

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JorgeCalder February 17, 2012 at

1. FREE automatic downloads & sync from banks, credit unions and brokerage firms. (with Quicken you have to pay $10/mo. average per bank)
2. Categorizes downloaded items automatically for you
3. Let you export downloaded items in CSV format
4. Let you add transactions by hand
5. One button to filter and display all bank fees

1. No balance column
2. No reference code column that helps you reconciliate, enter check numbers and transaction ids
3. Can’t import data at all
4. No reports facility period
5. The All Accounts view does not display a column indicating which bank or account the item comes from.
6. Can’t export to Quicken (Web Connect) or MS Money Format
7. CSV exports are unusable. One Amount column and one transaction type column (credit or debit) as opposed to one Credits and One Debits columns. No balance column.

Unusable for most people

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