Save Money While Driving

by Ryan Yates

Are you safe behind the wheel?

Yes, you too can attain the super power of saving money while driving your vehicle.

I have to admit, this post was born last weekend as my wife and I took a trip across the DFW Metroplex. The frustration and anger we encountered as we nearly missed three (count them . . . 3) wrecks. The disbelief of being surrounded by such ineffective drivers gave mind to develop this article.


Are you paying too much for your current car insurance? Do you have too much or too little. Many people believe that signing up for car insurance is like ripping off a bandaid, the quicker the better.

But that’s not always the case. First, it’s good practice to review your insurance policy and cost every couple oy years and compare it to other policies available from other companies.

Cheaper or minimum coverage isn’t always better. With car insurance, you just might get what you pay for when you sign up for the bargain basement coverage. But then again, it might be the best deal around. Whatever you choose, don’t make a decision without plenty of research in your part.

Unfortunate Fact of the Deductible

Truth is, there’s probably always going to be a deductible. However, companies like State Farm and Nationwide have started to implement a decreasing deductible.

The idea is simple, drive safely, avoid wrecks, stay out of trouble with the law, and the amount of your deductible decreases over time. Sometimes quarterly, sometimes yearly.

Whatever the specifics of the program, the outcome is usually the same – customers are being rewarded for driving safely. And the reward? Saving money.

Avoiding Trouble

Ever since your parents had the thought of letting you take the test for your driver’s license, they’ve been worried about you having an accident, getting a ticket, and being distracted by friends, food, and phones.

Those distractions don’t go away with age, and neither does the chance of trouble. One thing I learned last weekend as we passed by 3 different car wrecks, I realized that there is a significant part of the driving population that goes brain dead when they get behind the wheel.

Slowing down when it’s raining, taking caution on busy roads, and using your blinker are great ways to drive safe. And when you drive safe, you don’t pay for car repairs, medical injuries, or tickets.

Wants vs. Needs

I wouldn’t be true to my passion if I didn’t mention this last tip for saving money while driving. The best way to save while you drive is to reduce the luxury amount of the vehicle you call your own.

Who wouldn’t want to fastest, most luxurious vehicle know to man . . . as long as it was free? But cars aren’t free. You have to choose what car fits you best. Do you want a reasonable payment, one that makes your stomach turn at night, or no payment at all?

The choice of vehicle you drive will be the first decision you make about saving money while you drive.

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jefferson February 22, 2012 at

Of course, the best way to save money while driving is on gas.
-See if your boss will let you work from home
-Don’t buy a bigger car than you need
-Don’t drive around with a bunch of crap in your trunk or back seat
-Try to combine trips whenever possible

Ryan Yates February 23, 2012 at

Very true Jefferson, thanks for the insight.

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