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Money Hackers Carnival #111 – Don’t Hassel the Hoff Edition

by Jeffrey Kosola on April 14, 2010

Welcome to the One Hundred and Eleventh edition of the Money Hackers Network Carnival. The is edition is brought straight to your computer screen, tv screen, smart phone screen, iPad screen or whatever by DeliverAwayDebt. Speaking of screen, does anyone else think of Dave Hasselhoff when the word screen is mentioned? He is the #1 screen actor in the world. Just like personal finance and money are personal (everyone does it a little differently), favorite movie stars are personal too. You may think Russell Crowe is the best actor, but I would bet the farm on “The Hoff” kicking Russell’s butt in the soon to be release Gladiator 2, Raise of the Hoff.

Before we get into this week’s posts lets take a minute to thank Ryan at PlantingDollars for hosting last weeks carnival, Money Hackers Carnival #110 – Burning the Midnight Oil.  Ok everyone, on the count of three. 3—2—-1—-Thank you Ryan!!!!

Editor’s Picks

4 Career Tips for Success from the Military @Buck$ome Boomer’s Journey to Retirement – These are four VERY important life lessons that anyone can learn to apply in life. They transcend all occupations and social status. Call me old fashioned, but I believe everyone needs to read and understand these lessons. Please read number 3 “No one is Indispensable”. One of the most important lesson you can learn, you are good but not that good.

It’s True: Premium Gasoline Is A Lot Like Male Enhancement Drugs – Perhaps the best comparison of gasoline to Viagra ever drafted.

Reason #211 Not to Have Car Payments @Budgets Are Sexy – The Pimp Daddy himself raps about rollin’ in a paid for Caddy. Dawg wants a Benz but understands how not having a car payment can lead to great wealth. Are you acting rich and rollin’ large? Or are you happy with a car that gets you from point A to point B?

Early retirement: The extreme method @Monevator – Simple awesome. READ this post.


What Happens to Credit Card Debt At Death? @Money Help For Christians – Read this to understand how debt is handle in a death. Very interesting post.

DIY Debt Management Plan: Go On Oprah’s Debt Diet! @The Digerati Life – Somehow the words Oprah and Debt just don’t seem to go together. Just like Oprah and Diet don’t either. Combining Oprah, Debt, and Diet together looks to give people the help they need in order to improve their financial positions.

How-To must Reads

How to Become A Financial Planner @Wealth Pilgrim – This is a great intro into becoming a Financial Planner. I just wonder if anyone would read a post “How to become a Maintenance Engineer/Supervisor” (my job). Somehow I don’t think so.

How To Run Out Of Money @Learn Save Invest – How to guide for screwing up your finances. I suggest that you do not follow these items, unless you’d like to deliver pizzas to get out of debt.

IRA Rates: How you really make money for retirement @GoodFinancialCents (Jeff Rose) – Detail post about making money, sign me up.

How To Deal With Your Creditors. David Style! @Bible Money Matters – Not David Hasselhoff (the Hoff), but David from David and Goliath.

How I made $500.00 in Ten Minutes @Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance – How to negotiate anything.

Awesome Lists

10 Most Famous Tax Evaders of All Time @Career Overview – Included are Capone, Cage, Snipes, Costello, and even Judy Garland.

2010 Financial Planning Genius Award Winners – I don’t think you’ll be surprised by the Fabulous Four award here.

4 Dividend Stocks Acting Like a Money Machine @Dividends Value

Five Financial No-Brainers @Free Money Finance – Many people do not think of these 5 no brainers. Check out this list to make sure you are not missing the boat.

10 Money Tips for a Holiday Abroad @The Orange Paper – Living outside the US for over years, I learned some of these lessons the hard way. If you learn one thing from this post, notify your bank/credit card company of travel plans to other countries. There is nothing worse than being in a “strange” country without access to funds.

13 Ways to Save Money @Dual Income No Kids – All great ways to conserve cash, although I could never join a car pool. I live in Detroit and driving your own car is a must, we are the Motor City.

5 Tips for Remodeling Your Home the Smart Way @Money Ning – These tips will help your money go much further during a remodel. My favorite tips is, “Don’t turn your home into the neighborhood castle.”

10 Cool Ways to Invest $10 @The Dough Roller – I know you have not seen a list like this one before. Definitely more than a few creative ideas on “investing” 10 bucks.

Work Benefits: Don’t Miss Out @I Need Money – Good list of benefits that most of us don’t think about using at work.


Rooting Out The Devil: Kathy Kristof Interview @Engineer Your Finances

Is Cell Phone Insurance Worth It? @My Journey to Millions – I sure believe it is. I already had to replace a phone because of damage. The insurance was easy and well worth the monthly charge.

10 Smart iPhone Apps that will Save you Money @FIRE Finance – I own a Sprint HTC Hero, but my wife is dreaming about an iPhone. Once she gets the phone I’ll be sure add these awesome apps to it. A happy wife (and financial smart one) makes a happy life :-)

Basics of Bankruptcy @One Money Design

Inflation or Deflation? What’s The Evidence Say? You Decide. @20s Money

It’s My Fault So Stop Me Now @Live Real, Now


Late With Your Taxes? What You Need to Know @Lifetuner (Keith Morris)

I Was Audited By the IRS! @The Dough Roller

Forgot Something on Your Tax Return? No Problem! File an Amended Return. @Provident Planning

Time for a Flat-Rate Income Tax @Hope to Prosper


Definition of Certificate of Deposit (CD) @Free From Broke – Good explanation of a CD

Becoming First Time Homebuyers @The Writer’s Coin

GIC Primer: Frequently Asked Questions @Balance Junkie – I’ve never heard of GIC until I read this post.  I guess I learn something new everyday.  Check it out if you are looking to learn something today.

Value Investing Versus Technical Trading @ZachStocks

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