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Which Categories to Use for Your Budget

by Jeffrey Kosola on August 24, 2010

When building a budget you will be faced with a choice, which categories to use for your budget. Categories are a great way to personalize a budget to fit your needs. Without categories, a budget would be called a checking account. You can even choose to have a World of Warcraft as category so you can track all spending associated with this time honored tradition (ok, it will be time honored soon). What the categories are doesn’t matter as long as you understand what they mean to you and your family.

In the video, I explain why categories are important and talk about the ones that I personally use. Just so we are clear, a budget does not exist unless you have some categories set up. I’ve included a worksheet with many category thought starters to get you going.

The Debt Destroyer Categories Edition .MP4

Download the mp3 here

Download The Debt Destroyer Categories Thought Starter Worksheets Below

Good luck everyone…