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Use Evernote to Capture Receipts

by Jeffrey Kosola on August 26, 2010

Capturing receipts is an important part of understanding how money is flowing through your pockets. In the following screencast I show you how I use Evernote to quickly capture a receipt, then apply tags so I can recall the receipt super duper quick.

If you don’t know about Evernote, it’s a program that can make your life much easier. Think of it as a virtual filing cabinet. Below are some great things that you can do with it:

  • Type a note
  • Take a picture with your web cam
  • Snap a photo on your phone
  • Scan a document
  • Capture a web page
  • Take a screen shot
  • And many more…

Anything you can think of can be stored in Evernote. If you have a filing cabinet that is packed with paper, use Evernote to transition to a “paperless” system that is easily searchable and scalable to whatever your needs may be.

I’ve been using a document scanner and my Google Android phone to capture all of my financial documents and put them online. It is much faster to search through Evernote than to flip through a folder located in my filing cabinet. The added bonus is that I have the ability to view everything from my phone as well.

If I happen to be at the grocery store and need to remember how much a box of FiberOne cost two weeks ago. I can find it by searching for my last grocery receipt and viewing the price right from my phone. I can also search for “fiber” and it will bring up all the receipts in which I purchased FiberOne. Evernote has an program where each pdf or image are processed through. This process enables Evernote to find “fiber” in the scan I made of the grocery receipt. It’s quite amazing how this works. I pay $45 per year for a premium membership that allows me to utilize this process on pdf files, but the free version works great with image files.

Ok, Ok, enough about how great Evernote is. Below is the screencast that I made for capturing a receipt using a web cam. The process only takes seconds, and BAMMM – my receipt is saved forever.

Download the mp4 here

If you have any question about using Evernote, toss a comment below and I’ll get them answered for you. If you are looking for a way to capture life as it happens, I recommend you head on over to Evernote and sign up for an account.

Happy Capturing everyone :-)