How to Pay Off All Debt

by Ryan Yates





Jackie August 6, 2010 at

So true!

Jeffrey Kosola August 6, 2010 at

@Jackie, I only speak the truth 🙂 Ok, maybe not all the time, but most of the time. I know this was a little wordy.

Jolyn@Budgets are the New Black August 6, 2010 at

Ha! I suppose you were relating to that particularly well when you wrote that, eh? 😉

Keep up the great work! It Will be worth it!

Jeffrey Kosola August 6, 2010 at

@Jolyn – I have a little background on the topic 🙂

Marilee May 9, 2017 at

Mit meinen Eltern im Urlaub gewesen, wo und wie zuletzt vor 20 Jahren. Roadtrip. Dank Smartphone (und wegen teuren Hotel-WLANs auch Tethering) unterwegs Hotels für den nächsten Abend rausgesucht und gebucht, vorab die schlechten von den guten Restaurants unterschieden und immer gewusst wo, was und wo lang. Fast keine Niete gezogen, Eltern glücklich gemacht. Bester Einsatz meiner Superkraft “Internet immer dabei, um die Metaebene zu bes;&reni#8221e.

Money Funk August 6, 2010 at

’nuff said. 😉 (good one)

Jeffrey Kosola August 6, 2010 at

@Funk – WORD

Jeffrey Kosola August 6, 2010 at

@Red yes I am a man of few words (here, today). Too bad the guys that work for me at GM don’t see the quiet Jeff, haha.

You are so right, there is no secret. It’s kinda like weigh loss, we all know how to loose weight but only those willing to work at it (read – sacrifice time and energy) will loose weight. I just read a comment somewhere, I think it was Ramit’s post yesterday, where someone said they don’t want to hear another thing about sacrificing to get ahead with money. I guess another word that could be used is Choice. You have the choice to give up time and work more to make extra money. You have the choice to not eat out every night. I guess if sacrifice is too harsh of a word for someone, choice can be used instead, but that word just doesn’t illistrate the work involved. Sorry about rambling on, I guess I should have made the post more than one word 🙂

Wojo August 6, 2010 at

Thanks for highlighting my non-post post. 🙂

And yes, I agree completely.

Wojo August 6, 2010 at

Oops…didn’t realize that was RSS-only.

Well, thanks anyway! LOL

Jeffrey Kosola August 7, 2010 at

@Wojo Anytime my friend. That’s the Yakezie widget at work.

Financial Samurai August 7, 2010 at


Jeffrey Kosola August 7, 2010 at

@FS I see your “Word!” and raise you a “Dude!” check out this site for more great words from the 90’s

Money Funk August 10, 2010 at

Aiight!!! (that’s a funny website)

Jeffrey Kosola August 11, 2010 at

Hey Funk, I thought some people would like that site. I think I’m going to bring back Cheddar. For those who need a refresher – Cheddar is slang for “Money” 🙂

Money Reasons August 7, 2010 at

Can you break that down for me? I don’t think I follow your meaning (lol)…

Don’t forget to reward yourself once you pass certain financial milestone number (or at least that’s what we did)…

You’re doing great!

Jeffrey Kosola August 7, 2010 at

@Money Reason I thought I put it in the most simple form. How about WORK? That’s a we letters shorter.

I hear ya on the reward part. I planning on taking my lady out to Taco Bell for dinner once we are done with the debt. 😀

Thanks for the continued support my friend.

Crissy May 9, 2017 at

Hallo Joanna,ich melde mich heute erstmalig bei dir zu Wort. :)Deine Seite ist wunderhübsch und inspirierend! Das Rezept ist leicht nachzumachen und für mich als Veganerin auch recht gut abrBednlbaw.aei Augenwiese gefällt mir am Besten der "Cookie Stamper Home made", der sich bestimmt auch für deine Kekse gut gemacht hätte. :)Lieben Gruß,Nicole C. aus Berlin

Greg August 8, 2010 at

“Sacrifice” with a plan! Understanding where you want to be and having a plan on how you are going to get there will give you the motivation when things get tough.

Jeffrey Kosola August 11, 2010 at

@Greg having a plan is key to paying down debt. I’ve learned first hand that without a solid plan, it’s almost impossible to get any traction.

myfinancialobjectives August 8, 2010 at

I’m loving these short little posts (as I’m sure you are loving making them!).

So true! I do it literally everyday! It’s so worth it!

Jeffrey Kosola August 11, 2010 at

@MyFinancialObjective I’m going for the streamline effect. No sense in writting 1000 to 1500 words when just one will work 🙂

Paydayuk August 10, 2010 at

The best way to pay off all debts is my regular income and so work harder and make your debts look small and easily payable.

Carol August 10, 2010 at

Ok – I was not expecting that. I kept looking for the REAL article. Never seen a one word post before – must try it sometime for myself.

Jeffrey Kosola August 11, 2010 at

Hi Carol, sometime one word is all you need to get your point across. I’ll be watching for one word post from you. It is really weird to hit the publish button after writing a post like this 🙂

Khaleef @ KNS Financial August 21, 2010 at

In all seriousness, I think this post was as effective as many of the longer ones! It strips away all of the other “nonsense” and tells the truth!

Oh, and PLEASE don’t bring back cheddar!

Jeffrey Kosola August 23, 2010 at

@Khaleff it’s all about the cheddar!! Ok, that was the last time 🙂 It’s funny how a word or two can sum it up.

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