How to Start 2017 Off On the Right Foot

by Ryan Yates

People often ask how a person can keep on going after they’ve hit so many financial speed bumps.  One thing I can tell you is this, if you feel like you’re drowning in a mess of financial catastrophe – DON”T JUST SIT ON THE OCEAN FLOOR HOLDING YOUR BREATH.

Educate yourself, find your motivation, take action, and start swimming for the surface.

It’s Okay to Start Small

There was a time in my own life where I would get painfully frustrated at the thought of not being able to fix my problems instantly. 

Actually, it was more like a petrifying frustration.  I was so angry about not being able to improve everything at the snap of my fingers, it would render me incapable of making a decision.  Have you been there?  Are you there right now?

My experience with debt has taught me a certain truth – no action is still a bad decision.

Thankfully, I had a helper and a friend who guided me into making small decisions that would have a positive impact. At the time, I didn’t believe such small actions could make much of a change.  However, I’m thankful to say that I was wrong.  Over time, those small victories grew into large accomplishments, and after a few years I had successfully conquered my finances.


To start 2017 off strong, take courage to face your financial situation, with all of its frustrations and ugliness.

  1. Persevere.  Discomfort is a catalyst for growth, but so often it’s also the reason most people give up.  You must be resilient when it comes to your finances.  Be determined to fix your finances, no matter how slow your progress may seem.
  2. Make your expectations your own.  Let go of expectations that you created by comparing yourself to others, and re-define your expectations for yourself. What do you need? What do you want your future to look like?  Where do you want to be in 10 years?
  3. Be Thankful.  Don’t ignore the journey.  Find simple things that you can be thankful for.  Trust me, there all over the place.  Finding things to be thankful for while you’re on the road to financial recovery will help keep you motivated and focused.

In the End

One of the scariest things about adulthood is that the buck stops with you.  You are responsible for you, even if you aren’t very responsible.  Don’t fret . . .be encouraged.  At the end of the day, you can get out of debt.  You can increase your income.  You can start to make good financial decisions that will bless you and your family.

You can do it!

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Earnst Thompson January 20, 2017 at

You said it! Never stop fighting against debt. I paid down my credit cards in 3 years. It took some tough spots, but it was worth it. Good luck to all who enter this fight.


Ryan Yates January 20, 2017 at

Thanks for sharing, Earnst. Great to hear about your success.


JG January 22, 2017 at

I’ve heard that some people lose heart when facing a giant foe. But everyone can pay off their debt. Self control and motivation!


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