On Paper | On Purpose- 2012 PF Goals

by Staff Writer

“On paper on purpose.” This phrase is my second favorite from Dave Ramsey. My first being “Live like no one else, so later you can live like no one else.”

The phase “On paper on purpose” is so powerful. Not just for budgets as intended by it’s author, but also for goals. I have a million and one goals that run through my head every year. It’s the ones that I write down that get completed (personal accountability). The ones that are written down and shared with someone else (peer accountability). The ones that are posted on the refrigerator so that they can be viewed and read every single day (family accountability). These are the goals that get completed.

Here are the DeliverAwayDebt financial goals:

  • Pay off the remainder of our student loans. We current have about $13,000 left to pay off.
  • Add $1,000 to our emergency fund, being the EF to a total of $2,000
  • Add $1,000 to a vacation fund, the only way to have a debt free vacation is to have cash to use for it.
  • Start and grow a used car fund for my wife. I hope to add around $3,000 to this fund by the end of the year

Keep a Record

For whatever reason, keeping records of our goals helps us to stay vigilant in reaching those goals. It’s all about accountability.

Having a written plan, providing updates, and monitoring progress is an excellent way to make sure your goals are met. Remember “On Paper On Purpose.”

Whatever your approach happens to be, don’t be intimidated by the big money goals. Don’t worry if your friends or family seem to have gigantic goals compared to yours. Everyone starts in a different place and everyone’s story is going to be different.

The worst thing you could try to do is manufacture a pseudo-carbon copy financial plan that tries to mirror someone else.

Start with that you have, assess what you need, think about what you want and where you want to be, and develop your financial goals.

Just don’t forget to write them down.


the Dad, Climbing Out December 31, 2009 at

Wow. Ambitious goals!

What’s a vacation? 😉

BTW, you inspired me. Last night I called 11 pizza joints in town. Finally one said they just had a driver leave. I ran down there and had to *fill out a paper application* for the first time in 16 years. Very surreal. Fingers crossed!

the Dad
Climbing Out
.-= the Dad, Climbing Out´s last blog ..A Debtless Christmas =-.

Jeffrey Kosola December 31, 2009 at

WOW THAT’S AWESOME!!! I hope it works out for you. Keep me posted

Pizza delivery is the best second job. Of course I’m bias 🙂

Ken December 31, 2009 at

Those are great goals. I like your site. Keep at it. I’m a Dave Ramsey fan as well.
.-= Ken´s last blog ..UK Basketball & Money =-.

Jeffrey Kosola December 31, 2009 at

Thanks Ken, I look forward to reading your blog as well. I just subscribed.


Meg December 31, 2009 at

I can’t wait for the years where I can plan almost $30k of expenses. 😉 (That’s almost as much as my husband brings home… Lol.)

Made me think of my own tiny financial goals, hope you don’t mind if I share. 🙂
1. $1,000 invested for retirement, either Roth IRA or 401(k)
2. Pay off 240SX (~$1.9k)
3. Find a way to make $200 using the internet — Might ramp this one up, but it feels ambitious enough!
4. Keep the EF intact through our pending move to WA
.-= Meg´s last blog ..The Experiences Come With the Territory =-.

Jeffrey Kosola December 31, 2009 at

Those are great goals Meg. I hope you can reach them all.

Now that you shared them here, it is my duty to follow up with you in the future (peer accountability)

All the best, Jeff

Financial Samurai January 1, 2010 at

Great goals Jeff! All the best for the New Year! Still 2009 as I’m typing, but not for you! haha.

Best, Sam
.-= Financial Samurai´s last blog ..Samurai Predictions And Resolutions For 2010 =-.

Jeffrey Kosola January 1, 2010 at

Thanks Sam,

I hope you get to the million dollar mark this year. If you do, you’ll need a driver to take you places. I know just the guy 🙂

Brad January 1, 2010 at

Great goals Jeff! I know you can do it man!

On paper on purpose is pretty AWESOME!

Brian Tracy taught me everything I know about goal setting but Dave Ramsey helped me take action!

The DAD – AWESOME man!! I make some good money delivering as well. It’s an awesome job whether it is a first or a second. 🙂 (and yes Jeff is very inspirational! 🙂
.-= Brad´s last blog ..Are You Looking To Improve Yourself In 2010? Accept My Challenge And You Could Win $100! =-.

Jeffrey Kosola January 1, 2010 at

Who do I look to for a kick in the pants. Yep, Brad from Enemy of Debt His is very inspirational for me 🙂

Ok everyone, I have a GREAT FEELING ABOUT 2010. I believe we are all going to kick some major A$$ this year.

Karen January 1, 2010 at

This is one of my favorite aspects of blogging- the ability to broadcast yourself to make things more accountable. I’m planning on reading more in depth on your site in this new year for some financial inspiration…. I need to work on being more financially responsible, and don’t know where to begin! Thanks for sharing your goals… it’s encouraging to see someone else doing so well with them!

Jeffrey Kosola January 1, 2010 at

I totally agree with you Karen. Broadcasting your goals can work wonders. You either step up to the plate and swing away (goals met), or you are banished from the internet (goals not met because you didn’t care). Ok maybe not banished but close.

If you haven’t read Karen’s blog Dream in the Life then you’d better follow the link and check it out.

Karen and I both quit drinking in the same week, I’m very proud of her for doing it. Here is the most personal post I’ve ever read “I don’t want to be an alcoholic that I am” written by Karen. Please check it out and read the comments. It’s AMAZING!!

Financial Samurai January 1, 2010 at

Jeff – Too bad Obama will take HALF! 🙂 If I can get extra free toppings, no doubt!
.-= Financial Samurai´s last blog ..Samurai Predictions And Resolutions For 2010 =-.

Indian Thoughts January 4, 2010 at

Great Goals. I wish you all d best for your goals.
.-= Indian Thoughts´s last blog ..How I Spend first day of 2010 =-.

Jeffrey Kosola January 4, 2010 at

@Indian Thoughts

Now that I put the goals out there, I’d better deliver 🙂 Do you have any goals to share for the new year?

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