Personal Finance Addiction – Fiscally Passionate?

by Staff Writer

gazelle04Addiction can be simply described as a compulsive or obsessive relationship to a substance or behavior.  The most common addictions are Alcoholism, Anorexia, Drugs, Gambling, Sex, Smoking, Hoarding, and Spending.

With a list like this, it’s no wonder that the word “addiction” has such a negative connotation. But can you be addicted to something positive?

What about personal finance? Can you really become addicted to fixing and streamlining your finances?  Of course!  When people are so focused a single overriding goal they call it being passionate, that sounds better.  The first person that comes to my mind when thinking about passion is Dave Ramsey.

Crazy Like a Fox or Intense Like a Gazelle

Dave Ramsey uses the term “Gazelle Intense” to describe this passion.  Gazelle intense just means that you are doing everything in your power to get out of your financial rut.

He came up with this term after reading Proverbs 6:4–5, which says, “Give no sleep to your eyes, nor slumber to your eyelids. Deliver yourself like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter, and like a bird from the hand of the fowler.”

Escaping a predator is a great way to describe how intense and focused we should all be about getting out of the oppression of debt.

Dave Ramsey is very animated while describing it (if you’ve seen him live you really know what I’m talking about).  Don’t you think Dave is a little addicted (passionate) about helping people get out of debt?  I sure believe so, just like he was when he was getting out of his own debt.

What are You Passionate About

I have turned my current situation of “Debt Prison” into an all out personal finance addiction.  I want to get out of debt and will not stop until I get there.

Do you have this same attitude?

I read at least 50 blog posts a day either through my RSS reader, or my favorite medium – Twitter.  Why do I read and read and read about personal finance?  Because I’m still learning.  If I was smart about money and the ways of the personal finance world, I wouldn’t have gotten into my debt mess to begin with.

I’m the type of person who needs to know.  I need to figure things out, I need to understand how everything fits together and works like a well oiled machine.  I crave it.

I’ve followed the tips and tricks of Dave Ramsey and countless other PF bloggers, drinking up all of the Kool-Aid – oh yeah!  I’ve been able to rock my financial world with everything I’ve learned.


Tina November 17, 2009 at

WOW! The past few months, I too, have determined that I’m addicted to living financially FREE! As a single mom of 3 that does not receive child support (ex doesn’t pay) I refuse to live an average life. I made up my mind “No Child Support! No Excuses!” and we got into motion. I’ve been reading and following 25 plus blogs and in 2010, my focus is engagement. I’m cheering you on!

From Shopping to Saving May 1, 2012 at

I read about 50 or more blog posts a day on PF, and converse on twitter with PF folks all day. It consumes my life but I like it this way, as opposed to ignoring it altogether. When I think about PF a lot and read a lot about it, it inspires me to keep it under control. I think it’s a very healthy lifestyle. I like your analogy to escaping a predator! Sounds about right. You need to be determined and focus!

Daisy May 1, 2012 at

I read a lot of PF posts daily (50+) and subscribe to 200+ active PF/lifestyle blogs. There is ALWAYS something to learn!

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