Signs of Madness – The Need to Change Our Habits

by Ryan Yates

On the way to work yesterday I saw a new billboard. I normally look at them and never give them a second thought. But this one bugged the crap out of me. It had a large eye catching phone number.  Underneath was the catch line ‘dump your debt, keep your stuff’.


Personally, this sign feels more like bankruptcy fraud than true financial assistance.

As a person trying their hardest to get out of debt, this billboard angered me.  It gives the appearance that you can shed all responsibility for getting in the financial mess you’re surrounded by.  It’s someone trying to make a buck off of desperate people by promising them the world instead of teaching them responsible financial habits.

People continue to think there is an EASY button for everything.  Here are some common examples.

  • Take this pill and you will loose weight without changing your eating habits
  • Follow this program and you will make a $100,000 from home while watching TV
  • Use this shampoo and you’ll grow your hair back so you can get all the women you want

**Just forget about exercise, your debt to income ratio, or being able to relate to women on a personal level.


Turn the Tables and Start Making the Right Decisions

It’s time to throw off the hindrance of financial hardship. Our culture has bought into this marketing for years.  We are the ones that keep these companies in business. After all, if this type of marketing didn’t work, no one would be using these tactics. 

Our constant search for the easy way out is making other people rich, and not improving our lives.  Besides, the products just don’t work.

Come on people wake up.  Working hard and having a P-L-A-N is one way to get to your goals.  I know some people have made millions the easy way, but I believe they are the extreme exception to the rule.  Stop looking for a bailout, because it’s not going to happen.

It is our behaviors that have created these problems.  We’ve bought into the hype and tried to keep up with the Jones for too long.  Time to wake up America. 

Put the TV remote down and start to make your plan.  Yes your plan. You are the only one who can change your life.  Calling the company mentioned above could solve your debt problem, but only if you are willing to have that bankruptcy on your record for life and only if you “qualify”.  

And the chances of keeping all of your stuff is slim to none.

Filing bankruptcy doesn’t change the habits that got you to that point in the first place.  Just like the magic diet pill that worked for 2 weeks, the weight and the debt will be right back where it was when you started.  Unless of course you make the changes required to keep the weigh off and stay out of debt!

Is it just me? Or do you have similar thoughts?

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J. Money October 21, 2009 at

Dude – AWESOME post. One of my faves from you.

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