Enfamil vs Members Mark Baby Formula

by Ryan Yates

Enfamil vs Members Mark Baby FormulaToday I’m going to show you how I saved a ton of money on baby formula for my Daughter.

I sure am glad to be out of the formula days, talk about expensive. My first child was raised drinking Enfamil Lipil baby formula.

We liked the Enfamil Lipil but the cost was huge, $22.49 for 25.7 oz. It worked well for my son; he has turned out to be a monster.

Both of my kids are above the 90th percentile for height and weight. If I keep going I could field the offensive line for an NFL football team.

Members Mark: A Great Alternative

It was during the pregnancy of our second child that we began focusing on our money. One of my cousins told us about Members Mark Formula and how it saved her money, so of course we started to look into it. My wife took a Members Mark and Enfamil label to our Doctor for her thoughts about switching.

To our surprise, the Doctor already had many people ask her the same question. She believed the product to be a great alternative to Enfamil. The ingredients are the same, and the nutritional values are extremely close according to the labels. The only complaint I read on the Mommy Blogs and forums was it’s consistency. People said the Member’s Mark was not as β€œsmooth” as the Enfamil.

My daughter drank the Members Mark Formula from birth until she was 1 years old. I believe the product was great and she no issues. My cousin has since had another baby which is currently drinking Members Mark.

The Cost of Enfamil vs Members Mark

There are no tips and tricks when it comes to baby formula, well go right into the cost savings.

  • Enfamil Lipil costs $22.49-$26.75 for a 25.7 oz can
  • Members Mark costs $19.38 (Sam’s Club) $26.06 (Amazon) for a 51.4oz can

Enfamil vs Members Mark

This frugal hack saved us $614.40 during the first year of our daughter’s life. That’s a lot of money by anyone’s standards. If you are thinking of having kids, this is a great way to offset the new baby expense.


BibleDebt March 26, 2010 at

With a newborn on the way, I need all the cost savings tips I can get.

Question: Did you decide to use breast feeding as an option as well? I have heard it is very healthy and will save you money in the process.

Jeffrey Kosola March 26, 2010 at

@ BibleDebt We thought about breast feeding but decided to go the formula route. I personally like the formula because I could share the night time feedings with my wife. I always loved feeding the my kids, I found it a nice way to bond with them. Good luck my friend, when are you due??

@PFJourney Members Mark is sold at Sam’s Club. I have seen it sold on Amazon too, but the price was much higher. We cancelled our Costco membership to join Sam’s because of the formula. Members Mark is a direct knockoff of Enfamil.

Lakita (PFJourney) March 26, 2010 at

Wow, that is a significant difference. I’ve never heard of Member’s Mark…is it only at Sam’s Club?

MFO March 26, 2010 at

Wow big difference. Would you ever have thought that you could save so much switching from Enfamil?

I have TONS of member’s mark stuff, I think it’s really good stuff, and cheap. I have always gotten it at Sam’s Club

Jeffrey Kosola March 26, 2010 at

Crazy eh? I knew we saved a lot, but not that much. I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves Members Mark products.

Mysti March 26, 2010 at

Baby formula is FDA regulated, so it isn’t like you are going to be giving your kids some sub-par junk. I have also heard good things about Target’s own brand of formula (although I never used it for my kids).

My children had health issues, so in addition to breastmilk (nursed my daughter, and pumped milk for my son), they had highly specialized formula, which was WICKED expensive. We had one can that was $35/can, and it was only good for a limited period of time once opened. We didn’t need that much, so we pitched most of it. $$$.

Jeffrey Kosola March 27, 2010 at

Yep, the FDA does regulate it so if makes people feel a little better. I haven’t heard about the Target brand so thanks for the heads up. Are you by chance from Boston? Wicked is a word that I’ve only ever heard Boston people use πŸ™‚

Mysti March 27, 2010 at

Nope…not in Boston. But I am in Southern New England currently. Raised in the South though. πŸ™‚

Stay at Home Mom CFO March 26, 2010 at

At least you learned by the 2nd child:
1st Baby – Enfamil Lipil LIQUID Formula ONLY (Ridiculously expensive!)
2nd Baby – Enfamil Lipil Powder ONLY
3rd Baby – Whatever I had a coupon for or the supermarket brand (whichever ended up being cheaper)
(I also breastfed each one a little longer than the last which probably saved a ton of money too!

Jeffrey Kosola March 27, 2010 at

Yeah, like most first time parents we were a little crazy with our Son. When the second one come along we knew exactly what we were doing. As we look back it makes us laugh at how stupid we were πŸ™‚ Knowledge comes with experience I guess.

Forest March 27, 2010 at

I recently read a bit about the problems and possible safety aspects of home made formula so I think if I had a kid and my partner would not breast feed (obviously this is the cheapest / healthiest option) then it’s essential to find the best formula.

I know I would stay away from any Nestle formula like the plague!

Jeffrey Kosola March 27, 2010 at

I wouldn’t mess with homemade formula, I don’t think I’m as smart as the people who make the formula so I wouldn’t even try it. I wouldn’t use the Nestle either. The Nestle is a popular option outside of the USA. It was very popular with I lived in China. Of course I lived there when they had the huge baby formula scare and deaths. I was sure happy I took enough formula to last us. That was a nice bill at the time πŸ™‚

If a you have kids Forest will you call one Rain and the other Sherwood? (Rain Forest, Sherwood Forest) just a though πŸ˜€

Forest March 27, 2010 at

Yeah there are countless scandles surrounding Nestle and ethics towards baby formula around Africa especially…. like giving it away for free and then taking it away so the babies cried until the mum’s purchased Nestle…. that kind of shite!!! Also the deaths and what’s not!

As for the kids, my second name is Parks so the possibilities are endless :)…. Sadly my real first name is Ian… A bit dull but many people just know me as Forest. Strangely my partner only call’s me Forest by Instant Messenger and Ian the rest of the time… I wonder if she even knows it me πŸ™‚

Jeffrey Kosola March 27, 2010 at

I couldn’t think of any cool names to match with Ian, so I used Forest πŸ™‚ Haha I sure hope your lady knows it’s you. Otherwise I’ll be reading about another “Facebook” break up.

Forest March 27, 2010 at

Ha ha, I hope you don’t hear that from my end… I am hardly on Facebook anyway so would probably not get the news for a while πŸ™‚

Ted March 27, 2010 at

We used Target brand formula for both kiddos and it was grrreat. Same ingredients as the fancy equivalent and usually half price. Sometimes it was on sale for more, coupled with the 10% off card we get with out target cards- and voila!

Jeffrey Kosola March 28, 2010 at

Sales and coupon and 10% off cards all sound awesome. Thanks for sharing Ted. I guess I’ll have to update the post to look at Enfamil, Members Mark, and Target and see who the winner is.

Kelly March 28, 2010 at

Breastfeeding is obviously the best and least expensive choice. While I respect people who choose to formula feed from the beginning, I don’t really understand it. Aside from the cost the health benefits are enormous, and even a small amount of nursing (especially the first few days) can have a huge impact on your child’s development.

That said, should parents ned to use formula as we did with our 2nd child (due to a medical issue) there is no reason to go with name brand formula. We used store brand formula, since it was half the cost of regular formula.

Dr Dean March 28, 2010 at

Great Post, Jeff.

As an OB Doc, we always recommended breast milk first. But when that is not possible, I have no problem with the store brands. Just don’t tell the formula salesmen I said so…..

Good to hear you are helping with the feeding. Still a few milk stains on the back of my rocking chair. Remember those days fondly. Stay in the moment, as the time passes in a hurry.

Tim April 7, 2010 at

This is a helpful post. I’m sure that everyone can appreciate a tip that could save $600 over a year.

The Saved Quarter August 22, 2010 at

While I certainly agree with the “breast is best” motto, it was NOT cheapest for my family. My supply was low with both of my kids and I spent well over $1,000 on nursing, with visits to the lactation consultant, renting a hospital grade pump, expensive supplements that were supposed to increase supply, a supplemental nursing system (little tube to tape to the breast to deliver milk while the baby tries in vain to nurse), nipple shields to get the latch right, nursing bras, etc. I still needed bottles and all the stuff accompanying bottles because I had to pump to increase my supply and had to have a way of getting that milk into the baby. It was most definitely NOT cheap!!

With my first child, I stopped nursing at 4 months when he went on a nursing strike. I know now that it was because my supply wasn’t enough to sustain him and he was frustrated at trying to nurse for very little milk. At every pediatrician’s appointment, I’d ask for formula samples, and our ped gave me two or three sample cans each time. I signed up for coupons in my name, in my husband’s name with his work address, and in our parents’ names. I would wait for a sale and combine the coupons and sales. At one point, a “20% more!” can was being discontinued at our local store and was priced at 30% less than the regular size. I used my coupons and bought enough to last through his first birthday, saving quite a bit.

My second child nursed exclusively and on demand until she was 4 months old, when she began to lose weight. Our pediatrician put her on reflux medicine and a high calorie (read: really expensive!) formula so she would gain quickly, which she did, but that didn’t save any money either. She switched to regular formula once she hit her growth curve again, and I stocked up on organic Earth’s Best from Amazon.com. It was on sale for $18 from the normal price of $30 per 25.7 oz. container, and I saved 15% by doing the “subscribe and save” feature (canceling immediately.) That brought the price down to $15 per container. I bought enough to last through her first birthday as well.

If we have another baby, I won’t nurse, even though I know how beneficial it is. For me and my family, it is just too difficult and too expensive, and my supply is low despite all efforts. I could have saved a lot of money, time, and lot of tears (both the baby’s and mine) by going with formula from the start.

Jett April 21, 2011 at

Oh wow nice savings :), well yeah.

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