Bed Bath and Beyond 20% Off Coupon

by Staff Writer

You must use, but use wisely.

Bed Bath & Beyond is one of my favorite “big box” stores to purchase household items from.

I’ve been using them ever since I graduated high school (many, many years ago.) I thought I would share a commonly known frugal hack with you today.

Bed Bath & Beyond offers 20% off coupons that make gift giving more affordable. Besides using them for our household items, we have some other great uses for the coupons. Since most Brides love to register at Bed Bath & Beyond, we use the 20% coupon to purchase the gift.

We’ve used them to purchase wedding shower gifts, wedding gifts, baby shower gifts, and even Christmas gifts. If you are planning to spend $100 on a gift it is a great way to get a $100 gift for $80. In our case, we choose to purchase a $125 gift and get it for $100. I like to give as much as I can so using the 20% coupons allows us to get more for the same price.

Weddings and showers aren’t the only events you can use the Bed Bath & Beyond coupons for. Graduations are approaching fast and Bed Bath & Beyond has a ton of items for college living. Birthdays, Easter and Mother’s Day are all great events to use the coupons on. As with many coupons they are not good on all products, but Bed Bath & Beyond has so many products I don’t think you’ll even notice. Below is a list of the companies that are NOT included.

Gift cards, All-Clad, Nautica, Tempur-Pedic, Wusthof, AeroGrow, Margaritaville, The Sharper Image, Wedgwood, Lenox, Waterford, Vera Wang, Nambe, Riedel, Orrefors Kosta Boda, Oreck, Capresso, Miele, kate spade, Swarovski, Versace, Alessi, Richard Ginori, iJoy

The coupons are very easy to obtain. Follow this link to Sign up for 20% coupon. The link will take you to the Bed Bath & Beyond website to register for their mailing list. Below is a snap shot of the email you’ll receive after signing up. It took me 2 minutes to fill in my info and get the email with my 20% coupon. Once you are on the list, you will get 20% coupons a couple of times a month. The Sunday newspaper includes the coupons every once in a while too. If you need more coupons, have a family member sign up and give you the coupons.

bed bath and beyond 20 off coupon

Here’s a great shopping tip: Bed Bath & Beyond honors manufacturer’s discount coupons and even competitors’ promo coupons! Just be aware that all coupons must be used before their expiration date – starting January 1, 2010 the company no longer honors expired coupons.

TIP: Keep the coupons in your car. There is nothing worse than stopping in to Bed Bath & Beyond and not having your coupons. If you have multiple items, you can ask the cashier to ring them up separately and use a coupon for each item.

Good luck everyone 🙂


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