A Progress Update on the Friday Frugal Tips

by Ryan Yates

It’s time for a little review of the DeliverAwayDebt Frugal tips section. 10 Tips have been published so far and I want to see if I’m still using them. It’s one thing to write about frugal tips, it’s another thing to follow your own advice. Ok, lets get started with the first 5 today.

Week 1 Frugal Friday Tips – Lunch

Here’s the best part about ramens, the price. I currently buy them at Sam’s Club. At Sam’s they are sold in a case of 36. The case costs $5.88 which yields a 16.3 cent price per pack. At my grocery store I can buy them individually for 18 cents or in a 6-pack for 99 cents (16.5 cents per pack). I currently consume 2 packs per sitting bringing my lunch cost to 33 cents per day and $1.65 per week.

Am I still using Sam’s club and eating Ramens for lunch?? Hell yeah, I love them and eat them almost everyday. I have changed it up with leftovers every once in a while but my main lunch is always Ramens.

Week 2 Frugal Friday Tip – Soda Pop

Diet Mountain Dew is one of my best friends in the world. I drink at least two 20 ounce. bottles a day during normal working hours. When I deliver pizzas on the weekends I tend to suck down even more. I usually only start drinking pop after 10am in the morning. I reserve the early hours for my other friend, coffee. My name is Jeff and I’m a caffeine addict. The good thing about being budget minded is the ablity to look for cheap ways to finance my habit

I’m sad to report I have failed on this one. I know longer purchase Diet Mountian Dew in two-liters. I purchase Diet Caffeine Free Pepsi in two-liters now. Bet you didn’t see that one coming. I’ve been caffeine free for about 6 weeks now. I am AMAZED at how much better I feel. I sleep extremely well at night now, I even feel rested in the mornings. I don’t get angry easlily anymore, I’m much more patient with everything. Who would have thought a caffenie addict could quit? I didn’t, but I love the change.

Week 3 Friday Frugal Tip – Homebrewing Beer

I want to thank The Dad for helping provide the pictures in the post and for the idea. If you like the idea of having a hobby that will provide you with some yummy rewards, I would recommend you look into home brewing. I would start brewing my own beer today if it wasn’t my 2 month anniversary of quiting drinking.

I still haven’t tried homebrewing but maybe someday I will. I’m up to 4 months without drinking now. I have not gained or lost a pound since. I believe the myth about weight gain and alcohol is BUSTED now, based on my own personal experience of course. I am not a part of the MythBuster’s team so I can claim that I’ve BUSTED the myth completely.

Week 4 Friday Frugal Tip – Dollar Menu

Fast food is a staple meal for some people. The question becomes, “How can I eat fast food and not break the bank?” If you are worried about breaking the bank, then I suggest you refrain from ordering from the Extra Value Menu while visiting fast food joints. If you are trying to save a little extra money, then there is one trick you can use to eat fast food and not completely go broke, the dollar menu.

Even though I rarely stop at a fast food joint, I did order from the Extra Value Menu and NOT the Dollar Menu the last time I was at McDonalds. So I think we can call this one a fail. I just wasn’t interested in anything on the Dollar Menu, I wanted a double quarter pounder meal. Boy did I get it. I cost me over $6 and sure wasn’t that good. My advice again, stick to the Dollar Menu no matter what. If nothing else, the buyer’s remorse isn’t too bad 🙂

Week 5 Friday Frugal Tips – Pizza Delivery

Pizza is a great meal. It will remain at the top of list as everyone’s favorite fast food for a long time to come. Judging from my personal experience in the business, the average order for a family of four is between $19 and $25 depending on how many toppings Mom and Dad get. These prices are the amount you’d pay if you picked up the pizza yourself. Getting the pizza delivered usually will bring some extra costs into the equation. The delivery charge can range from $0 to $5 in most parts of the country. Some restaurants will give you free delivery as long as you meet a minimum price (i.e. spend $25 or more and delivery is free).

This past week was the only time I’ve purchased pizza from another pizza joint. I’m sure you can guess that I did not have the pizza delivered. Getting delivery when my second job is a delivery driver is like hiring a house painter when you are a house painter by trade. It never happens 🙂

Next week will be a completely new Friday Frugal Tip, I just wanted to take today to reflect on my progress and make sure I’m walking the walk not just talking the talk. Have a great weekend everybody!!!!


Cathie March 19, 2010 at

I’m impressed that you are caffeine free. I am a coffee addict, and I refuse to even try to give it up; what on earth would there be to look forward to in the morning?? JK, but I’m not interested in quitting.
Friday is Pizza day in my neck of the woods. Our local grocery store makes a very decent pizza, and Friday’s is BOGO day, so we get two for less than $13 and have pizza leftovers for lunch all weekend. Good for the budget, not great for the waist-line, but it’s another thing we’re not giving up. We have decided that maybe we won’t do it EVERY Friday, though.
Enjoyed the report card, and the honesty!

Jeffrey Kosola March 19, 2010 at

I thought that my life was going to come to an end once I quit the caffeine. It sure felt like it did for first 4 days, but after that my life has gotten much better. I was a total addict. I had to quit because it screws with the medication I’m on. Now I look forward to looking in the mirror in the morning and seeing a rested face instead of black circles around my eyes 🙂

Pizza is great to eat everyday of the week, nothing makes me happier than hearing pizza is BOGO!! I think you need to stick the to every Friday plan, life isn’t fun without Pizza.

I like the report card. When I review the next 5 tips I will use a grading system to grade myself. I think I’m currently at the “B” level with the first tips.

Mr Credit Card March 19, 2010 at

if you can’t quit the coffee now, maybe you can start by quitting the sugar
.-= Mr Credit Card´s last blog ..PartnersFirst Cash Back Visa Review =-.

myfinancialobjectives March 19, 2010 at

Great ways of saving! However, I could never eat that much Ramen. Too bad for you, have you ever looked at the sodium content? Some of the the flavors are over 1000 mg! Same with dollar menu, though I admit that when there is no Subway around, I will use the dollar menu, it is pretty unhealthy. Great ways to save thought. You cant beat 33 cents for lunch! Really that’s amazing!
.-= myfinancialobjectives´s last blog ..Kids vs No Kids – This May Suprise You =-.

Jeffrey Kosola March 19, 2010 at

@MFO I only use about a 1/4 of the packet when I eat the Ramens. That brings the sodium content down to a normal level. I’m quite amazed that I’m still not sick of eating them for lunch. Maybe is all in my head and knowing that it doesn’t cost much makes them taste good, I just don’t know. I’m heading over to check out the Kids vs No Kids post. The title has me curious…

myfinancialobjectives March 19, 2010 at

Very smart using only 1/4 of the packet. I’m surprised they have not come out with a Ramen “lite” or something to that extent at least lower sodium!

Also a good idea if you want to make it a bit more healthy, put an egg in it when you stick it in the microwave, adds a bit more nutrients!
.-= myfinancialobjectives´s last blog ..Kids vs No Kids – This May Suprise You =-.

Forest March 19, 2010 at

Been a great series Jeff…. I hardly drink right now but am seriously condisering trying homebrew and maybe even for wine too..
.-= Forest´s last blog ..FREE DOWNLOAD -Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us by Seth Godin =-.

Jeffrey Kosola March 19, 2010 at

I think you NEED to try the homebrew. I will be a good distraction for you since you’ve been working so hard. I’ll “Cheers” you with my pop 🙂

RainyDaySaver March 19, 2010 at

I don’t think you’re doing too badly, overall! I really need to cut my caffeine consumption — although it’s “only” two cups of tea and a can of Coke Zero per day.
.-= RainyDaySaver´s last blog ..Fix-It Friday: Light Switches =-.

Jeffrey Kosola March 19, 2010 at

@RainyDay it doesn’t sound like you need to cut the caffeine, at least you don’t sound like a junkie 🙂 I drink Decaf Tea now with a bit of sugar and I LOVE it. Nice job with the switches.

Daddy Paul March 19, 2010 at

Value meal at Greasy Mac’s? Good value for them not you. I have to admit three of those dollar double grease burgers will hold you over for a while.
.-= Daddy Paul´s last blog ..The American Opportunity Tax Credit =-.

Jeffrey Kosola March 20, 2010 at

@Daddy Paul 3 double grease bombs slide in and out way too easy. If you do chose to eat at these fast food joints, I still believe the dollar menu is a better deal. Most of the food doesn’t seem to fill you up anyway, so why not save a little coin. I’m always hungry within a couple of hours after eating at these places, not matter what I order.

JanB March 19, 2010 at

I love Ramen soup, too, and I also cut the seasoning packet way back, using about a third of one packet for two servings of soup. Do you break yours? My ex used to crush his, but I like mine to look like a really tight perm! Mmmmmm.
.-= JanB´s last blog ..Working on Debt =-.

Jeffrey Kosola March 20, 2010 at

@JanB I crush the hell out of my noodles. I eat two packet at a time for lunch and always drain the water so it’s just noodles. I add a little hot sauce as well. I’m glad there is someone else who can understand how good Ramens are.

Monevator March 20, 2010 at

I appreciate this kind of goes against the grain of your livelihood, but if you get the knack of *making* pizzas for yourself you’ll save a tonne. When I was in college we went through a bit of a fad. The bases and tomato topping cost perhaps 20 cents to make. Obviously cheese etc is more expensive (cavier deluxe, anyone? 😉 )

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