5 Ways to Get Fit at Home and Avoid Gym Fees

by Ryan Yates

Back when the gym was fun

There was a time in my life when my gym membership was used about 30% of the time. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t use what you’re paying for, there’s never a refund on un-used workout time.

Instead of losing money on gym memberships and fees, take matters into your own muscular hands.

1. Use the Resources at Your Disposal

The last time I checked, the city doesn’t issue a service charge for taking a walk or a jog on the sidewalk or through the park. But you can take it to the next level with recreating some of the best exercise machines at the gym with your body’s weight. Push ups, pull ups, core exercises, using chairs for dips, or even running sprints in your back yard.

It might take some imagination, but it can totally be worth it.

2. Buy Used Equipment

We’ve all bought exercise equipment before, or at least have known someone who has. Here’s what normally happens; you buy the exercise machine, use it for a few weeks or months, get bored, get back into your pre-workout routine, get too busy to workout, you let it sit there for a few more months, then you try to sell it on Craigslist.

Instead of buying brand new equipment at premium prices, buy used or borrow a friend’s machine for a while. Besides, the depreciation on this stuff seems worse than buying a new car.

3. Suspension Training

Suspension training uses bars and straps and your body weight to intensify your workouts. You may have seen these systems being sold late at night by popular MMA fighters. Even though these commercials look a little gimmicky, the workouts really work (if you commit yourself).

4. Use the Technology You’re Already Paying For

If you have a tv, a cell phone, or the internet, you have plenty of information at your fingertips to help you fine-tune your workout. There are tons of free tips and tricks everywhere you look. You’ve heard of the show “Biggest Loser” right? This franchise offers an amazing assortment of free workout ideas and eating plans.

You can also find tips, goals, workout plans, and nutrition information by using apps on your phone.

5. Beware of the Fads and Money Traps

Two words . . . Shake Weight. Don’t throw your money down the drain on the “latest and greatest” weight-loss gadgets. Here’s what you need to drop some pounds – eat the right foods, eat the right amounts, and get some exercise. Beyond that, everyone is trying to get your money. Be sure to avoid anything that promises little to no exercise with promisesof shedding pounds.

Even if the magic pill actually works, you’ll have to buy them for the rest of your life to keep the weight off. Once you quit the pills, the weight comes back.

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krantcents May 2, 2012 at

There are lots of things you can do such as walking, bicycling, exercising as well as using gym equipment. You can buy gym equipment for just a few hundred dollars. You can always buy used equipment because after a while, people sell what they do not use.

Ryan Yates May 2, 2012 at

Exactly, if there are people willing to shell out cash for new equipment, take advantage of their lack of frugality when they get bored with personal fitness.

Kurt @ Money Counselor May 2, 2012 at

I’ve belonged to gyms for many years, but after we relocated in 2009 I decided to go it alone. Lots of great walking in our neighborhood and community (with hills, so good for cardio), I like to bike (ditto the hills), and I invested in a used set of adjustable dumbbells that I really like. These take the place of dumbbell sets of 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 lbs. Space-saving, and convenient. Push-ups and crunches are free, and so is the schoolyard ‘jungle gym’ behind our house where I can do pull-ups, etc. I miss the gym sometimes, but I doubt I’ll ever join one again.

Ryan Yates May 2, 2012 at

The gym was good for me during my initial weight loss. But once that was over, I could do any number of exercises at home to maintain my weight. Great idea on the dumbells.

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