How-To Enter the MoneyCrashers 2010 New Year Give Away Bash

by Jeffrey Kosola on January 6, 2010

If you haven’t heard by now, Money Crashers is running a HUGE 2010 New Yeay give away. There is $5,400 up for grabs in cash and prizes. I love give aways and this one has some very creative ways to enter. There are so many ways to enter, I had to take some time to jot down all the ways. Below are the many ways to enter. Just like any contest out there, the more entries you have the better your odds of winning. I’ve also included a couple of tools to help remind you of ways to enter and keep track of your entries. I’m sure my ways aren’t even close to the system that Money Crashers uses, but it’s a good start for us :-)

The Rules and Methods of Entry:
The entire rules are located here on the Money Crashers website.

1) Sign up for the free Money Crashers Mailing list (1 entry) This is required for entry into the contest, enter your information and move on.

2) Subscribe to the Money Crashers RSS feed by email (15 entries) Again enter your information and move on. This will also help during the contest because Money Crashers is going to post “extra credit” ways to get entries.

3)Collect Entries – Now comes the fun. There are a ton of ways to participate and get extra entries into the contest. I designed a spreadsheet to remind you of all the daily and weekly ways to get more entries. Feel free to use it however you like. Use the instructions page for some helpful tips on recording your entries so you don’t waste Money Crasher’s time or your own with entries that won’t be counted.

Here are the ways to gain other entries:

  • Comment on any Money Crashers blog posts (Total possible: 280)
    2 entries for every comment (must be a usefull one) Limit 5 comments per day
  • Write a blog post about the contest (Total possible:30)
  • Follow @MoneyCrashers on Twitter (Total possible:12))
  • Re-tweet Money Crashers blog posts on Twitter using the “Tweet this” button on the post link (Total possible:28) 5 entries Limit 1 per day)
  • Tweet a message about personal finance with the hashtag #moneycrashers (Total possible:168) 2 entries per tweet Limit 3 tweets per day)
  • Follow each sponsor on Twitter (Total possible:5 per prize)
    These entries only count toward the sponsor’s prize, not the overall contest. Who cares though, it’s 5 entries to GREAT PRIZES plus you can follow some real cool people.
    Don’t forget to follow me too :) @deliverawaydebt I’ve created a Money Crashers 2010 Contest list on Twitter of all the sponsors. Stop by and use to list to quickly follow the crew.
  • Become a Money Crashers FaceBook Fan (Total possible:10)

Now that you are armed with the spreadsheet and Twitter list, you can quickly spend your lunch break gaining entries into the SWEET contest. $5,400 in prizes in just plain AWESOME.

Good luck everyone!!!!!