Losing Money Because You’re Tired

by Ryan Yates

Shake off your lazy's and spring into action

Seriously? Are you too tired to work? Too tired to get out there and hustle for some extra cash? C’mon man (or woman) . . . there’s way too much opportunity out there for you to lay around and yawn.

The sad fact is, many people out there just don’t have the energy to find more work, make extra income, or find a better job. Just look at how laziness can hinder your bank account.

Hustle at Work

There’s a difference between being a go-nowhere-brown-noser and an employee who hustles at work to get the job done, make an impression, and climb the ladder. The question is, do you have the energy to hustle at work, or are you the guy letting everyone else do the job?

Sure you may slide by without being noticed as the office slacker. But it’s not going to get you any promotions or pay raises either.

Of course, if you’ve identified that your job has a glass ceiling and there’s absolutely no chance that you’ll advance in your current company, you might want to think about setting sail for another company or a new career.

Getting a Second Job

Everyone’s heard stories of a father, a mother, a college student, or some neighbor who’s had to work two or three jobs to make ends meet, pay for school, go to night classes, or put food on the table.

Does the idea of having a second job, or God forbid a third, send shivers up your spine? Does finding extra work make you sick to your stomach?

Many people have found financial freedom through working a second job. Second jobs usually aren’t permanent, they’re just a great way to get to where you want to be. But you have to have the drive to do it.

Finding extra work takes time and energy. If you’re not up to the task to fix your cash flow problems, then you’ll probably continue to have those same problems until you decide to make a change.

Getting Fired

The absolute end game to laziness and being too tired to put forth a good work ethic is being fired from your job. This would definitely cause you to lose some money.

Who in this world can truly afford to lose their source of income? But if you don’t have what it takes to perform at your job at even the most basic level, you’re probably on thin ice with HR, even if you don’t realize it.

Back when I had an office job, I was pretty sure that I worked at the black-hole of the corporate world. There was no accountability, no punishment, and no source of fear-for-your-job. But unless you work at a place similar to this, you’ll probably need to perform, or you’ll be in the unemployment line.

Whatever your situation, don’t let laziness take control of your life. Among other areas that this will effect, it will certainly cause changes in your financial life – sooner or later.

If you find yourself on the lazy side of the spectrum, make the necessary changes now before it’s too late.

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MultiMillionaireRoad March 12, 2012 at

I get it. Get up and start doing something instead of complaining. With regards to getting an extra job or two, do you have any suggestions for someone who may already be working a 9 until 5 job plus an hour or two commuter time on each end. How are they supposed to find time for an extra job?

JMK March 25, 2012 at

If the 9-5 is also Monday to Friday, then there’s the entire weekend available for a PT job, or other income generating work. If you have a skill that can be done at home when you have time you can spare an hour consider turning it into an income. I have a neighbour who refinishes furniture as a hobby/PT income. It’s the kind of work that can be spread over many evenings (even after a long commute) and eventually the item is ready to go home to the customer. Just set the expectations properly on completion so you don’t feel pressured. The neighbour’s wife loves to garden and publishes a price list for her services: spring garden prep, pruning, fall clean up, etc. She’s even available by the hour to work alongside you while you weed or plant – apparently a skilled, motivated partner while doing their chores is what people seem to be most willing to pay for around here.

PT can be an actual job working a few hours a week or it can be getting paid to do something you currently see as a hobby.

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