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Net Worth – March 2010

by Jeffrey Kosola on April 5, 2010

Hello everyone, it’s April 2010 and time to update the net worth again. This month was another very good one for us, over $8,608 added to our bottom line. Our 401K is helping quite a bit right now. We were able to add over $2,600 to our debt snowball. Boy does that feel good :-) When you are in debt there is nothing like taking big chunks out of it every month. All the hard work is paying off nicely.

Net Worth Snapshot:

Emergency Fund: Holding at $1,000.

401K: The 401K is doing very well lately. Of course the money from repaying our 401K loans it helping as well as our monthly contribution. I’m happy we are contributing up to my company match; once the debt is gone we won’t be starting from zero. We’ll already have a nice egg to continue to grow.

Car: Hey, Hey, Hey, we gained a little on the KBB value, must be because of spring. Everyone is looking for a new G-ride which might be driving the price north a bit :-).

House: This will remain the same until June 2010. June is approaching quickly; I’m getting nervous to see what the house is worth.

Snowball: More good news here. Our snowball keeps gaining momentum as it rolls toward the base of our mountain of debt. Pizza tips are starting to fizzles out a little bit (Lent = not much pizza delivery). I’m taking every other Sunday off which has helped my family life but not the debt life. It’s ok though, the IRS withholdings have kicked in and I’m getting a little OT at job number 1.

All in all we keep making great progress and it keeps getting easier to work our plan. If you are toward the beginning of paying off debt, KEEP GOING it gets better :-)