The Perfect Life – Uh Oh

by Ryan Yates

mag picDid you ever see the one with the apothecary table?  You know, that Friends episode where Ross and Rachel were filling their apartments with everything from the “dreaded” Pottery Barn?

It’s nice to have nice things.   But this post rant isn’t about buying new things that look like old things.  Instead, it’s about the precariousness and financially dangerous risk of copying your existence from the pages of a magazine.

Not only is it going to drive you deeper into debt, but you’re never going to be satisfied because there’s always something new and “better” to buy.  It’s like I try to tell my son each time we step into a toy store – You Can’t Have Everything.

Maybe it’s not print ads that get to you.  It could be tv, radio, youtube, or even social media.

Now, this is just my opinion, so feel free to ignore and stop reading.  However, the quick budget tip here is to avoid trying to keep up your lifestyle with the advertising that you see all around you.

Instead of surrounding yourself with more stuff, surround yourself with good friends that you don’t have to win over with a perfect existence ripped from the pages of a marketing genius’s best work.

Ok, done.  Have a happy 5th of July!

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