3 Easy Steps to Automate Your Money

May 31, 2013

Technology is an always-changing phenomenon. Nowadays we have the ability to deposit pictures of checks, pay with the wave of a wrist band, and email money back and forth. Conducting personal business by setting foot in a bank or paying your bills through the mail continues to be useful in many situations – but it […]

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MagicBand Mentality – The Ease of Spending at Disney

May 30, 2013

After reading about how the one-percenters from New York “do” Disney (by hiring disabled people to get them to the front of the lines at Disneyland), I’ve been tuned into Disney news for the past week or so. This morning, I was reading an interesting article about a new piece of technology that plans to […]

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A New Twist in Online Spending

May 16, 2013

Although I’ve fully embraced online shopping for a while now, I always feel like I’m one bargain away from emptying my paypal account. The reason so many personal finance bloggers recommend cash vs. credit or debit cards is that people don’t like separating from their cash, but find it easier to spend more when all […]

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I Successfully Changed My Own Oil

February 15, 2013

I’ve officially joined the club . . . I’ve literally gotten my hands dirty . . . I’ve become more of a man. I have finally, after 33 years of life, changed my vehicle’s oil – myself. And in all honesty, I was surprised at the sense of accomplishment and excitement I felt afterwards. I’m […]

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Best at the Best Price: Tablet Edition

November 19, 2012

I’ve finally decided to add a Tablet to my “want” list. Here are the specs I’m interested in: a solid 10-inch tablet epic screen resolution one or two gigs of RAM (preferrably two) 1.4GHz (or higher) processor (dual or quad core) memory card slot for expandable storage price under $600 I figure this list will […]

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Tech Addiction Costs Big Bucks

November 7, 2012

I’m writing this post on my custom built desktop computer. Instead of buying some off-the-shelf, generic computer that everyone else has in their home, I designed, built, and assembled every feature of this glorious machine. I hand picked each component that makes this puppy run – a gaming case with 5 of the quietest fans […]

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Identify Your Motivation for Eliminating Debt

September 24, 2012

Like so many things in life, our motivation drives our sense of determination and fuels our perseverance. Or lack thereof. After all, would Rocky have defeated Ivan Drago if he wasn’t motivated by Apollo’s death in the ring? Would Shrek have rescued princess Fiona had it not been for the fairy tale characters taking over […]

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