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This page and the many like here at DeliverAwayDebt are snaphot of the money you can earn by Delivering Pizzas. Dave Ramsey said to go out and deliver pizzas at night, so I did. Thank you Dave, it’s helping me to Destroy my debt.

Back to the money part. You CAN make great money delivering part time. I make $1200 to $1600 per month working 16 hours a week. Yeah, the shifts aren’t the greatest…Friday 5-1am/Sat 5-1am…but they are the best shifts to make money on.

I’ve detailed my daily earnings so you can see what the potential is for you. By the way, pizza delivery is VERY fun second job to have.

Monthly Totals for June 2010
Hours Money Made Hourly Rate
47 $897 $19.09

The Fourth Week of June, 2010
Day Runs Tips Pay Total Hourly Rate
Friday Off Off Off Off Off
Saturday Off Off Off Off Off
Totals Off Off Off Off Off

The Third Week of June, 2010
Day Runs Tips Pay Total Hourly Rate
Friday 22 $105 $42 $147 $21.00
Saturday 17 $75 $48 $123 $15.38
Totals 39 $180 $90 $270 $18.00

The Second Week of June, 2010
Day Runs Tips Pay Total Hourly Rate
Friday 18 $87 $45 $132 $17.60
Saturday 22 $97 $48 $145 $18.13
Totals 40 $184 $93 $277 $17.87

The First Week of June, 2010
Day Runs Tips Pay Total Hourly Rate
Friday 23 $107 $45 $152 $20.27
Saturday 28 $150 $48 $198 $24.75
Totals 51 $257 $93 $350 $22.58

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kyrias June 30, 2010 at

Does this hourly rate include the gas you spend or no? Also, does the amount of driving you do affect your driver’s insurance? I’m assuming from the chart that you get a flat rate per pizza run and then you keep whatever tips you get.


Jeffrey Kosola July 1, 2010 at

Hi Kyrias,

On average my gas costs less than $1 per hour, so you can take a dollar off the top of my rate if that’s what you are looking for. The funny thing about delivering is that everyone wants to know about the cost of gas. I’ve never heard anyone figure out the cost of gas per hour to drive to the office. Most people I work with spend $2 per hour on gas just to get to work. Kinda funny if you ask me 🙂 (of course they drive an hour to work one way and roll in SUVs). I’ve never looked into the insurance part, I’m sure if you disclosed the distance to them they would increase the rates.


kyrias July 1, 2010 at

Haha. Personally I want to know about gas because I’m not sure how far the average pizza run is. I didn’t actually think that it would cut into your profits that much, but I wanted a better gauge of what realistic costs would be. After all, if you’re making 22/hour, even if you took off 4 dollars per hour, which it isn’t, then you’d still be making a better hourly rate than most of the people I know. I did the math once and calculated that at 18mpg and 36 miles to work, I’d be spending about 4 dollars one way to get to work. On the other hand, I’m not driving around constantly whilst at work. I guess it’s that perception of only doing it twice in one day.


LE November 25, 2010 at

I just ran across your site and I don’t know where you are delivering, but averaging $4-$5 tips in my area is not realistic. I delivered about 6 years ago, and I was lucky to get $2-$3. Plus, the management would over-staff every weekend so we would get 10-15 devliveries per night.

Glad it’s working for you. Keep it up.


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