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Sunday Morning Clicks – Anniversary Edition

by Ryan Yates

Some of my favorite bloggers have just turned 1 year’s old recently. I wanted to take a few minutes and introduce you their blogs if you haven’t read them yet. I’m sure most of you have since they are some of the big players in the Personal Finance Niche. Come October I’m sure will be reflecting back to my blogging debut, let’s just hope I can help people as much as this crew has.

Matt Jabs started Debt Free Adventure just over a year ago. I’ve been reading his blog since this past July. Matt continues to draw me in daily with every post, he’s definitely a great role model. Let’s took a trip back in time to read his first post. I think it’s probably his best title “Hello World” 🙂

My prayer for this website is that the Lord will lead me in my efforts, will work through me to help my family and my readers, and will bless my efforts fruitfully; for without his blessing all is vain.

Mission accomplished. Matt has help many of his readers, including myself. If you have a question about personal finance, Matt has a Ask Matt Jabs section on his blog you should check out.

Wojciech Kulicki (a.k.a. Wojo) is blogger who is all business. His blog Fiscal Fizzle also just turned one year’s old. Wojo writes very detailed posts that sometimes strike up some great debates. Looking through the archives I found his first post Income Tax Refunds Are Bad and had to laugh after reading it.

I quickly discovered that I would once again be getting a nice check from Uncle Sam come April, and was deeply disappointed. Am I crazy? Nope, because tax refunds are bad!

I opened my W-2’s this year and slapped those numbered into TubroTax and I will be getting a nice chunk-o-change from Uncle Sam. I was fairly mad about this. I’d much rather get more money every pay check then let the government hold onto it for me. Then it dawned on me, I didn’t claim my daughter on my W-4’s. She was born in December and I completely forgot about it. Go read Wojo’s post and get a better understanding of why is not a benefit to get money back.

Kyle runs the blog Suburban Dollar, which also turned 1 this month. I came across Kyle’s site many months ago through twitter updates. The post was a list about Wealthy Bloggers. Always curious, I followed the link to the Suburban Dollar’s Wealthy Bloggers list. I thought is was a really cool idea and I’ve been reading this great blog ever since. Oh by the way, Kyle was kind enough to add me to the list. I’ve got a long way to go to catch the big dogs, but it sure does help to motivate me.

Tom Drake runs the blog called Canadian Finance. His blog turned 1 on February 2nd this year. Tom is another hard working blogger who is always around twitter and Tip’d. I usually visit Tip’d at least once a day to see who’s posting and what the hot topics are. I never fail to run into Tom’s posts on Tip’d. I credit Tom for introducing me to this wonderful website.

I wish Matt, Wojo, Kyle, and Tom many more years of blissful blogging. Thank you for your effort and time to help us (your followers) out.

I have one last REALLY cool link for you today. My good friend Brad from Enemy Of Debt (yes, he really hates debt), is having a Challenge. The challenge is called Manage Your Money. Brad is doing the challenge to show us all the creative things we can do to manage our money. To sign up for the challenge visit the link above, it’s completely FREE. He has a bunch of prizes already lined up so what do you have to lose?

Have a GREAT Valentine’s Day everyone!!!


Bucksome February 14, 2010 at

How nice to celebrate the one year mark of some of my favorites as well. Let’s hope someone does it for us when it’s time (hint, hint)….

Two other PF sites that recently celebrated the one year point are The Centsible Life and Do You Dave Ramsey.
.-= Bucksome´s last blog ..6 Expenses for Man’s Best Friend =-.

Jeffrey Kosola February 14, 2010 at

Bucksome, I’ll be sure to write about our first year even if we aren’t superstars like this crew. Thanks for reminding me about Kelly and Dave’s sites turning one.

Happy one year to The Centsible Life and Do You Dave Ramsey.

Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog February 14, 2010 at

Thanks for including me Jeff. It’s an honour to be mentioned with those great websites!

The great thing about Twitter and Tip’d, they’re not just a great way to promote your posts, but also network with other bloggers.

Bucksome and Jeff , if you remind me when July and Sept roll around, I’ll be happy to mention your big milestone!
.-= Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog´s last blog ..10 Ways To Save Money On Valentine’s Day =-.

Jeffrey Kosola February 14, 2010 at

You’re welcome Tom, great job by the way.

I agree, twitter and tip’d are great networking sites. Of course I’m in love with twitter. That is how I started on my path to Blogdom.

I wish you all the best this year Tom.

Matt Jabs February 15, 2010 at

You’re the man Jeff, thank you for the awesome words of encouragement. Your hard work and dedication is already an inspiration to many… I know you will succeed in killing your debt and continuing to be an example for others.
.-= Matt Jabs´s last blog ..H&R Block At Home – Valentine’s Day Discount =-.

Jeffrey Kosola February 15, 2010 at

You’re welcome Matt,

The main reason I’m blogging is to provide an example of someone who is busting their butt to pay off debt. I get sick of people playing the helpless game and looking for a bailout from someone. People just don’t realize the potential of delivering pizza or working a second job. It’s so easy to make extra money, you just have to work at it. I know that four letter word scares alot of people but without work you can not get the rewards.

Matt Jabs February 15, 2010 at

It is nice to watch people who want to work hard to reach a goal as opposed to those who sit back lazily waiting for handouts. To be brutally honest… I have no use for people with that perspective on life and personal finance, other than to pray that God would grant them a change in mindset.
.-= Matt Jabs´s last blog ..H&R Block At Home – Valentine’s Day Discount =-.

Wojciech Kulicki February 15, 2010 at

Thanks for the awesome mention! (Funny enough, I am slowly changing my mind about tax refunds–just goes to show you that everything in personal finance is fluid.)

Happy one year to the others as well!
.-= Wojciech Kulicki´s last blog ..Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage or Credit Card? =-.

Jeffrey Kosola February 15, 2010 at

Personal finance sure can be fluid. As I learn more about it I can see that there are many ways to work a plan. If you hate debt you can work a plan one way. If you love the reward points on credit cards, you work the plan another way. If you’re an investor you can use a plan in a completely diffrent way from the debt hater and the rewards chaser. Whoever came up with the name Personal Finance was right, it’s completely personal.

Jeffrey Kosola February 15, 2010 at

I glad to hear you’re checking them out. Matt, Wojo, Kyle, Tom, and Brad are all EXCELLENT writters and resources.

Financial Samurai February 15, 2010 at

Great job guys, and happy 1 yr b-day Jeff! What you gonna buy your baby? Maybe a little Level 3 Super Cache system, or a fancy new side bar layout? 🙂

Best, Sam
.-= Financial Samurai´s last blog ..An Opportunity To Speak With Consumerism Commentary =-.

Jeffrey Kosola February 15, 2010 at

I’m sorry to say Sam that you are older than me. I started on October 1, 2009. I was just trying to honor our friends and give my readers some great blogs to read. Don’t worry, I’ll do the same when you turn 1.


Financial Samurai February 15, 2010 at

Ahhh, gotcha. I thought you were included in the group, although I did see you mention October in the first paragraph, it wasn’t crystal clear to me what you meant.

My site is 5 years old already in my mind. I’m an old fart!
.-= Financial Samurai´s last blog ..An Opportunity To Speak With Consumerism Commentary =-.

Janisa January 18, 2012 at

If I were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I’d say “Kouawbnga, dude!”

Ryan @ Planting Dollars February 16, 2010 at

Awesome, congrats guys on making it 1 year… that’s probably like turning 12 in blogging years… Is there such a thing as blogging years??? maybe we should create… oh look… a butterfly!

Little bit of a spaz there. Anyways, congrats again!
.-= Ryan @ Planting Dollars´s last blog ..Hiking Diamond Head and Snorkeling In Waikiki =-.

Jeffrey Kosola February 16, 2010 at

Blogging years, I’m going to have to put some math to this one. It 1=12 then Flexo is an OLD OLD wise man 🙂

I like the spaz moments, I have them often-just read my blog haha.

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