Tools and Resources

This page is all about the trusted tools and resources that will help you in your quest for debt freedom. There are no shortcuts here. Just real, honest products that we’ve seen help those in their debt reduction efforts.

Lending Club Peer Lending
Lending Club is a peer-to-peer lending service where you can go to get a peer loan to help consolidate your high interest debt into a new, much lower rate loan. This trusted service has been around for several years now and is a great alternative to the banks and credit companies that will not have as good of rates, and who will just add to the costs of the loan. Try Lending Club by visiting or check out our full review of Lending Club.

Pay off debt faster
SavvyMoney is a one-of-a-kind debt reduction service. DebtGoal is the perfect companion to the do-it-yourself-er. DebtGoal realizes you have a goal to pay off your debts, but they know you might not have a specific plan. They help you understand your debt, develop a payoff plan, and they hold your hand while you are working through the steps of the plan, no matter how long it takes. DebtGoal is all online based so you can connect your debt accounts and see all of your debt in one place. It’s a pretty slick service that has benefited many who are on a path to debt freedom. Start today with your FREE trial – Get out of Debt with SavvyMoney. Be sure to check out our complete review of SavvyMoney.

Earn way more back with the PerkStreet card!PerkStreet Financial is a way for you to earn 2% cash back rewards without using a credit card. PerkStreet is an online-only checking account. Every time you use the debit card, PerkStreet pays you back. The great thing about this account is that you’ll never go into debt with it, you will never experience a late fee, or a negative mark on your credit report. If you’re on your way out of debt and committed to not using the credit cards, you should check out PerkStreet to ensure you still get to enjoy the cash back rewards you deserve. Visit www.PerkStreet.com1 for more information. Be sure to check out our complete review of PerkStreet. is a completely free service! is a great, free tool to help you manage your finances. With Mint you can see all of your financial accounts online at once, and you can use their goal feature to establish debt and savings goals for yourself. The goal feature will connect straight to your loan or credit card account, so no manual adjustments are needed. Just set up the goal, connect your debt account, and start watching your debt go down and your goals achieved. Mint is free and you can sign up in less than 5 minutes at Be sure to check out our complete review of

In addition to these resources, we also recommend a 0% balance transfer credit card, which, if used responsibly, can help you significantly reduce your interest rates, allowing you to pay off your debts even faster.