Communication Will Get You Out Of Debt

by Ryan Yates

I would like to thank everyone for the comments in my Poser post.  Judging by the answers, I guess I’d better keep on keep’in on, because life’s a garden so dig it (quote from Joe Dirt – one of my favorite movies).

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been a little MIA lately.  JOB #1 is keeping me so busy I can’t exercise my creative juices through writing,  or at least I’ve been have trouble making the time to write great articles for you.

Many of you may have see a recent article on Problogger about Gideon Shalwick from Rapid Video Blogging.  The articles was about a new report that Gideon released, Discover how to Dominate Your Niche with Video Blogging.  After reading and watching the free videos that were provided, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to start making videos.  I enjoy writing but no matter what I do, the time required for me to write a post it just too long.  Add the fact that not many people in the Personal Finance sphere are doing video, I thought it would a great way to talk about personal finance and debt.  So here goes…


In the video I talked about my upcoming interview on CoachRadio.TV NOT My mistake again. I will continue get better 🙂

My YouTube channel is Deliverawaydebt or just click the following link Deliverawaydebt on youtube


Money Reasons August 22, 2010 at

Pretty good, I think you have a good clear voice for it!

I can understand you wanting to pay down your existing debt first before lumping $7,000 more onto it! Especially since you are so close already!

Jeffrey Kosola August 23, 2010 at

@Money Reasons Thank-you sir, I don’t like to be the bad guy but someone has to. After thinking about the situation for another day, my wife came to the same conclusion-wait.

Money Funk August 23, 2010 at

To finish my comment that I left on the video…
Trust me, I understand the ‘bad guy’ play.. Just as I’ve got my eye on that new used motor home or… my husband is starting to ‘charge’ again. It’s gonna be us working together to make sure the dominos are in order before we proceed or to stop those habits before they can get us into too much trouble.
As I always say… you and your family have done an outstanding job getting rid of debt. Showing true sacrifice for what you all believe in. Keep it up! Cuz its truly an inspiration!

Jeffrey Kosola August 24, 2010 at

@MoneyFunk – Thanks Christine, I’m glad you noticed that I smiled in this one. Getting your arms around up coming problems is the best way to stop them. I’m sure you are like me and can spot them coming a mile away 🙂 At least we have a heightened sense of awareness now and will NEVER slip backward–RIGHT??

Money Funk August 24, 2010 at

Heck no! I am done with debt. You know what else drives me crazy lately… when I see mom’s using state aid to fund their child’s care tuition BUT they are driving a brand new car with payments. Hello???

Jeff @ Sustainable LIfe Blog August 23, 2010 at

Great thoughts Jeff! It’s having discussions like that are difficult at times, but really help both parties see what the end goal(s) is (are) and can keep others accountable/help progress. The most important thing is keeping each other on track, or “being the bad guy”.
it sucks, but to be successful, someone’s got to do it…Great work, and good luck with the rest of your debt.

Jeffrey Kosola August 24, 2010 at

@Jeff You are so right about both parties seeing the end goal. Without each other to help out along the way it would be a terrible journey. Thanks Bro.

Forest August 24, 2010 at

Hey Jeff, great to see you on video, you seem a little more comfy than your first video post.

I just started playing around on video but really need to get better (still very amateur).

Look forward to seeing more from you.

Jeffrey Kosola August 24, 2010 at

@Forest, glad you and Money Funk agree this video is better 🙂 Post some video, I’d love to see you talking about all the fun you are having.

Derek @ ChristianCommonCents August 24, 2010 at

Way to be the bad guy! I have to do that every once in awhile. Definitely can’t get more debt on a car at this point. Actually, no more debt for a car ever again. I’d much prefer driving a beater to having a car payment. My current car is from ’93, yours is practically new 🙂 And actually I just had it in the shop and got out for around $150. I think it was a miracle.

Jeffrey Kosola August 25, 2010 at

@Derek Hold on a second…ok I thought my heart stopped for a minute. ONLY $150 at the shop. I think you just won the lottery, haha Being the bad guy just comes with the territory now. I use to be the care free spender, but not now baby!! After we are done paying everything off I will normalize my bad guy image. 1993 eh? I was in my Junior year of high school back then, you know when we use to walk to school bare foot 10 miles uphill both ways 🙂

Jim August 25, 2010 at

i like the new video posts, they are very information and provide a very engaging avenue for personal finance readers. you have captured my attention on 2 posts- thanks for sharing.

Jeffrey Kosola August 25, 2010 at

@Jim hahah gotcha 🙂 I’m going to be sharing some more tips and tricks I use to manage my money and blast away debt. You’ll see more videos and screencasts coming shortly.

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