Valentine’s Day – Frugal Friday Style

by Ryan Yates

Spending big bucks doesn't always say 'I love you'

If you’ve missed the commercials, billboards, and other advertisements over the past few weeks, where have you been?

Valentine’s Day is next week! Tuesday, February 14th to be exact.

And although retail stores are trying to convince you to spend your hard earned money to express your true love with a mass-produced piece of jewelry, you don’t have to go into debt to show your loved ones how much they mean to you.

Little Things Mean A Lot

Let’s be honest, there’s a fine line between being cheap and being smart and frugal. But don’t kid yourself, smart and frugal can still produce a fantastic Valentine’s gift – it just takes some creativity.

Paying attention to your spouse goes a long way in helping you find something remarkable to offer her. Giving her small but super special gifts will melt her heart.

Remember, anyone can swipe a credit card to buy a diamond. But only you know her deepest passions and her most cherished memories. Making something to pull at her heart strings will make much more of an impact this Tuesday evening.

If your spouse is one that absolutely needs expensive gems to feel loved, then that’s a different post on a different blog.

Make the Money Count

If you’re going to spend a substantial amount of money on Valentine’s day, make it count. Hopefully, you’ve saved up instead of relying on credit cards.

When you’re deciding on what to spend your big bucks on, don’t go with the mass-marketed and mass-produced jewelry store jewelry. Who wants the exact same gift as everyone else? Find something off of the beaten path? Put some thought into it.

Spending a lot of money isn’t necessarily bad, just be smart about it and make it count.

Photo By Elin B

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