Sunday Morning Clicks – Budgeting Edition

by Ryan Yates

Being a person who is fighting their way out of debt, budget is my favorite word. Now I know that probably sounds strange, but without a budget you’ll never get out of debt. Unless you can beat the odds and actually win the lottery. It’s quite funny that you have better odds to get struck by lightening TWICE, than to win a lottery.

I’m going to share a quick budget story then we’ll get to my favorite budget related posts of the week.

While setting up our budget my wife and I included a section for hair care. My wife goes to the salon to get her hair cut and colored so we made sure to fund an “envelope” for it. She asked how much we needed to put in for me. Looking to shave every penny I could, I told her I would just cut my own hair. After almost 2 years of playing Edward Scissor Hands, I finally chose to return the my favorite stylist (yes, I said stylist) for a hair cut. Upon returning home, my wife surprised the hell out of me. She said that I looked handsome and looked as good as when we got married. I was floored by the comment, because she hasn’t said anything even close to that in a long time. I can’t believe that getting a $25 hair cut would make such a difference. Now I’ve added $25 per month into the “hair care” envelope and have a beautiful set of hair clippers for sale if anyone is interested 🙂

These are my favorite posts of the week–

Matt Jabs at Debtfreeadventure writes about Debt Slavery – What it is and Ways out. Matt uses the bible, common sense, and mathematics to illustrate his point. The picture in the post has got to be my new all time favorite “debt” picture.

Phil at PTMoney has a guest post from Karen Spending Less on Gifts in 2010. Karen has some good ideas, my favorite being the “Gift Pantry”. While I talked about saving up cash for gifts this week, Karen shows us how to spend less on the gifts we buy.

Kevin at No Debt Plan writes a post remembering those good old dating years I Coached my Wife on Budgeting before we were Engaged. I sure wish my Wife would have coached me before we got married. I admire Kevin and his Wife for having the ability to speak about such taboo issues while only dating.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. I am, I have the day off from both jobs today.


Kyle January 24, 2010 at

I have been the same way for about six months. I have been just straight clippering my hair at home for free. It saved me quite a bit of money but just this last week in broke down and got my hair cut by a pro again. I didn’t quite pay $25 for it though, I don’t use a stylist and I got a coupon in the mail so I was able to get out for $13 including the tip.

Jeffrey Kosola January 24, 2010 at

I know the $25 is a little on the high side. I’ve gone to this guy for 9 years and since I tip him $10 I get the normal $25 hair cut for $15 bringing my total to $25. Yes, the tip is kind of big. Working for tips has really changed my out look on tipping in general. I’ve never been a bad tipper, but now I know how much you can make or break someone’s day with a tip 🙂

I hope your wife gave you a great reaction too…

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